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Friday, February 19, 2010

Paid Yanukovych Fans Rally Outside Court

Venue: The High Administrative Court, Tymoshenko’s last line of defense.
Objective: Keep an eye on her, don’t let his victory slip away.

Tymoshenko argues her case before a panel of 49 judges. Live coverage of court hearings, which opened Friday, has been banned. It goes against the wishes of his client, Andriy Fedur, a lawyer for Yanukovych, said.

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Lingüista said...

So Yanukovych is afraid of something? I'd expect Yuliachka to prefer a closed-door deal, since she lost the election. What gives?

elmer said...

Here is a link to 49 minutes' worth of Yulia in the Administrative Court (with its panel of 49 judges) - link courtesy of Ukrainian Pravda. The video simply gets cut off at about 49 minutes.

It takes here about 10 minutes to get warmed up before she really gets rolling.

You may hate her guts, Taras, but she is a formidable intellect, and she sure can talk, and she made some excellent arguments.

One of the things she points out during her talk is the need for an independent judiciary - correctly so.

And, given that the Party of Regions thugs have moved to suspend city and regional elections, and given that Yabookovych has already announced a move by Ukraine to the Customs Forum with roosha, and given that Yakinovych has already announced plans to sell Ukraine Gas Pipeline Transit System to a "consortium" including roosha/Gazprom - I think it's very, very important that the court look very closely at the vote fraud situation.

Which includes dead people voting, busing people for the purpose of influencing their vote via bribes, locking out voters, and so forth.

I think it would be just dandy if the court overturned the election.

The international observers could not possibly see all of the tricks the slimeballs in Ukraine were up to, and elections are not decided by exit polls, but by honestly cast and honestly counted votes.

And I don't think that Yabinovych should be able to steal Mezhihirya.

Nor should Yushchenko be able to steal property from the government, as apparently he has.

Nor should Yushchenko have been able to hand out mansions to Lytvyn and others.

It is a mess, and it's going to be far worse if Yakibovych is allowed to be prez.

khabar said...

Have 2000 Georgian freedom-lovers and observers unsheathed their daggers to beat Yulya off paid yanuchars?

elmer said...

Ooops - scusi;

grazi, Administrative Court, for your time, but you're biased and no good.

I had a beautiful case prepared, and took up a lot of time of a lot of people, but hey - I took up a lot of my time, too.

I'm outta here - made a secret deal to remain PM.

Again - scusi, grazi, dzenkooyoo, strastvooyteh.

I'll have to find another way to save the nation, because the courts are just too damn crooked.

With love -


Ropi said...

Paid fans? Aren't they employees then? I think for a real fan you don't have to pay.

Taras said...


She wanted this trial to be a travesty of justice (which is what it might have been), with her going to the stake Joan of Arc-style.


I don’t think she’ll stay on as PM.

Leaving her would be a ball-and-chain kind of power-sharing that would upset both Yanukovych, his voters and the Party of Regions.


Yes, the Georgian observers’ credentials looked quite suspicious. Their presence created quite an uproar in Donetsk, but no acts of violence, intimidation or electoral fraud involving them were reported.

At any rate, 2,000 Georgians would have never overthrown Yanukovych in his stronghold.


“Any fool can work for money, and I don’t need any fools around here,” as one local joke has it.

Employees sounds a bit too formal and abstract. How about shills?:)

Ropi said...

Well, sorry I tend to be too formal at times.