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Monday, February 08, 2010

98.95% Counted: Yanukovych, 48.68%; Tymoshenko, 45.73%

“Against all” — 4.38% — turned out to be a real kingmaker in this election.

Tymoshenko thought that hype, hyperbole and hypocrisy would somehow endow her with enough Tihipko-Yatsenyuk-Yushchenko votes.

Big mistake.



Ropi said...

Well, in Hungary everyone considered Tymoshenko as the more likely to be President. Yes, you were in the news a lot.

Taras said...

Tymoshenko or Yanukovych, we're still neighbors!:)

Ropi said...

Yes, we are and the likelihood of going to Ukraine has increased. I talked with one of my teacher who told me that one teacher organised a trip to Kyiv not a long time ago and by train it is not so expensive, bu he warned us to be careful because a girl could lose all of her money in 1 hour. She said she was robbed but there is no proof for that. The point is the money disappeared.

Taras said...

Welcome to Ukraine, Ropi!

Our entire national wealth disappeared as public property and reappeared as private property in just a decade!:)

I don't know how Hungary’s street robbery rates compare to Ukraine's, but according to the Corruption Perceptions Index, we’re far more corrupt.

You can and should enjoy your stay in Ukraine. Just be careful and you’ll be fine:)