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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

With Yanukovych a Debate No-Show, Tymoshenko Goes Solo

She knew he wouldn’t show up.

She even made this truth-against-mud commercial to capitalize on his absenteeism.

Once in the studio, Tymoshenko made the best of her one-upwomanship. Enjoy these three videos!

Video 1

Tymoshenko does not rule out the possibility of Yanukovych joining her and discusses the benefits of staring at a vacant spot.

It’s just important that the vacant spot would not then occupy the presidential post in this country. That would be very unfortunate and wrong.

Video 2

Tymoshenko talks about 2 Yanukovychs: the airbrushed Yanukovych in commercials, billboards, teleprompter speeches v. the real Yanukovych in terms of IQ, values and policies.

And believe me, all this huge false advertising, all these huge false billboards — it’s just falsehood, as is any advertising.

She also trashes the real Yanukovych for failing to disclose his detailed vision, his team and his PM of choice. She grills him for being a vacant spot, a coward.

Video 3

Tymoshenko draws the line between the honest hardworking ordinary people of Donetsk and their bloody thuggish mafia government, as she puts it.

To illustrate, she portrays the late Yevhen Kushnaryov as a maverick-martyr whose death while hunting three years ago must have been a murder. She doesn't mention Kushnaryov's Ukrainophobic and separatist credentials.

See the guy in the right corner
1:43-1:45? That's Oleksandr Feldman, one of Yanukovych's trusted allies in Kharkiv in the '04 election.

Since '06, he's been under Tymoshenko's wing. Speaking both in Ukraine and abroad, MP Oleksandr Feldman (BYuT) routinely equates the UPA with the Nazis and has sponsored related legislation.

As Jewish organizations denounce the UPA while praising their own freedom fighters, Feldman sides with them but strikes a middle ground on the Holodomor.

He has been raising awareness of the Holodomor in Israel, amid Western media reports of “Ukrainian guards worse than Nazis.” He has even protested the Israeli ambassador’s statement on Israel’s non-recognition of the Holodomor as genocide.

However, MP Feldman argues that it was a genocide of the Ukrainian people, not of ethnic Ukrainians per se. He also insists that the Bolsheviks behind the Holodomor and, by extension, behind the October Revolution and the Gulag “have no ethnicity.”

Back to Tymoshenko. When she said the word “explosions,” she probably wanted to cite another example, but got lost in her talking points.

And, yes, she didn’t mention Lozynsky.

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Ropi said...

I don't know why but this time her appearance reminds me a Star Trek character. :D

Taras said...

I'd love to have them both on a one-way flight to Alpha Centauri:)