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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tymoshenko Praises Herself Before Rada Fires Her

When your economy contracts 15% in one year, who do you praise? Tymoshenko praises herself. She did her best.

She stuck to her oligarchs, laughed at Putin’s jokes and paved the way for a Yanukovych win. She borrowed, lied and lost. And she’s not sorry.

PM Tymoshenko: And I can tell you that if today a vote is passed to fire the government, our government will vacate its offices right that moment. Right that moment our political force will go into opposition and, in the opposition, will be clearly forming a united democratic team, will be doing everything so that such actions — which I have just talked about and cited examples of — so that they will be impossible in our state. I now want every person that hears me to know that we will protect Ukraine from this new misfortune that has arrived — we will protect it for sure. And if Yanukovych thinks that a week from now he’ll be safely playing gold and tennis and his entourage will be bagging the state’s strategic property on the quiet, then I can say that today his golf and tennis are coming to an end, and every day he will be reporting to the country, to the opposition. Every day, we will keep our hand on the pulse.


Because our team has lived by, lives by and will live by only one value: Ukraine above all.


In other words:

She’s good — he’s evil;
She’s pro-Ukrainian — he’s anti-Ukrainian;
She mothers entrepreneurs — he fathers oligarchs;
She’s clean — he’s corrupt.

Joan of Arc meets the Virgin Mary.

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John Kalitka said...

From where I sit (which is indeed far away!), I find both of these politicians dislikable. But, c'mon, Yanukovych doesn't play golf, does he? Where would he find a course? Russia?

Ropi said...

Who has more power: the president or the prime minister?

Taras said...


I’m not sure about golf, but reports of his tennis-related injuries surfaced in 2007.

With golf gaining ground in Ukraine, Yanukovych can equip his Mezhyhirya property with a golf course the size of a test range:)


Since 2006, the balance of power has shifted in the premier’s favor due to so-called political reform.

The premier runs the cabinet and shapes domestic policy. The president remains the commander in chief , appoints certain officials and, to a large degree, shapes foreign policy.