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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rivals Clash in Local Election Ads

Will the October 31 local elections be free and fair? Go figure!

The ruling Party of Regions will tell you that its approval ratings (41.5% in May v. 29% in Oct) have gone the way of Obama.

Meanwhile, the opposition will tell you everything you need to know about adminresurs (government foul play).

Seven parties should make it, according to the latest Razumkov poll.

Party of Regions (Yanukovych/coalition), 29%
Batkivshchyna (Tymoshenko/opposition), 13.5%
Strong Ukraine (Tihipko/coalition), 12%
Front of Change (Yatsenyuk/opposition), 5.4%
Svoboda (Tyahnybok/opposition), 3.6%
People’s Party (Lytvyn/coalition), 3.2%
Communist Party (Symonenko/coalition), 3.1%

In the chemistry of ads, one can detect a strong prevalence of fingerpointex over populismol.

As for me, I prefer this.

In Kyiv, we had a snap local election in 2008, so we’ll pass on this one.

OK, let's get this party started.

People’s Party: 100% populismol

Vote for the “normal” guys who'll make your life “normal.”
Astroturfing testimonials. Obviously, Lytvyn tries to distance himself from the “abnormal” coalition that he’s a “paranormal” part of.

A couple of more things. He had a role in the Gongadze murder, right? On top of that, he owns luxury real estate from Taxpayer Real Estate.

Party of Regions: “The party that builds”

Don’t let the Orange time machine throw you back, blah blah blah.

Party of Regions:
“Building the New Country”

Whinium, fingerpointex, goodtimex, feelgoodex.

Party of Regions: “Building the New Country” (choreography)

Footloose meets Frankenstein...

Party of Regions: We’re left holding the “Hr. 300,000,000” debt bag

Whinium, bullshitium, fingerpointex, stabilnist whoreship, call to apply for gas subsidies (352,000 households approved as of Sept. 1; the rest must be “rich”)

Batkivshchyna (Fatherland/Tymoshenko): “Reclaim Ukraine,” “They’re building the New Country without Ukraine,” “without you”

Not bad, but no meaculpadeine.

Batkivshchyna: “Only Batkivshchyna will protect you”

Anti-government; attacks prices, corruption, land grabs; but too much paternalismin.

Svoboda (Freedom/Tyahnybok): “Who else will protect your rights in local legislatures?”

Positivex (takes pains to reposition itself from negativex)

Strong Ukraine (Tihipko): “The time has come for the strong ones”

Pro-government, economy, “better living,” “hard road,” bullshitium

Front of Change (Yatsenyuk): “Have faith in your country,” “Change your future”

Anti-government; change this, change that; dontgiveupium; attacks soaring prices, taxes, unemployment

Yevroremont (European-style renovation/perestroika)

F**k-me-in-both-ears populismol. From a joke of a Yanukovych-friendly party that Merkel should sue for trademark infringement and foul language (picked up by a sensitive mic on a live broadcast).

Green Party: “The future belongs to the Green Party”

Slice-of-death/light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel dramedy; another gold-digger, no green credentials except tons of greenbacks spent on ads.

Meet the whole funny farm (30 ads) here.



Anonymous said...

So, how did the elections end?

Taras said...

It's too early to say.

The results will be made public by Nov. 10

Anonymous said...

Oh, that slow. In Hungary we get the results at the night of the election and we don't use online polls, we cast our votes in paper.

Taras said...

Tell it to Yanukovych!

He's building the New Country:)