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Monday, October 11, 2010

Tihipko: Bad Relations With Russia Ukraine’s Fault

The Kremlin Apologists Club welcomes a new member: Serhiy Tihipko.

He’s the honest guy who plays with jets, goes to the gym and runs Strong Ukraine.

He also blames Ukraine for the gas-meat-milk wars of 2006-2010.

Vice PM Tyhipko: We had problems for 5 years, ones that were...uh...caused primarily by politics, by Ukraine’s politics, I believe. And I can say that many Ukrainian companies were suffering because of this, suffering badly. The normalization of relations has now resolved these issues.

It would a shame not to recall Aesop’s The Wolf and the Lamb, poetically adapted by Russian fabulist Ivan Krylov:

«Ах, я чем виноват?» — «Молчи! устал я слушать,
Досуг мне разбирать вины твои, щенок!
Ты виноват уж тем, что хочется мне кушать». —
Сказал и в тёмный лес Ягнёнка поволок.


And Tihipko.



Stanislav said...

Ph shit... Ukrainian politics never fallen down so low as Mr Tygipko did in this self humiliating comment. Of course the Russian nationalists agessive politics all Ukrainian fault! What a disguising regime in Kyiv.

Taras said...

Once he steps out of his ads, he stops looking “strong,” doesn't he?

Still, he’s strong enough for all those ad victims who don’t have the strength to do a little thinking.