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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BBC Corners Yanukovych on Roads and Taxes

He puts the people first. Or does he?

Yanukovych: I’m your question. Surprised.
BBC reporter: Why?

Yanukovych [takes a deep breath]: What roads do top officials use? You just...I...I’ll tell you some research. I know what people are saying. I’m saying this myself. I’m saying this myself. Do some research on how many roads were reconstructed and built last year and how many this year. Not that it makes me tick, but I’ll tell you at least twice as many. Do it. It’s official data. That’s first of all. Second of all, undoubtedly, from the highways we should move on to roads of...sec...secondary importance, ones that are used by...those [ordinary] people...uh...and...these roads...should be...put in order as well. The problem did not arise overnight. It’s...uh...what we inherited from our predecessors. Check out the stats. Do you believe the stats or not? Take a look at what was done during the [last] five years by our predecessors in any given area. Take any indicator. You’ll see that it all went like this. Downhill. Why? Try answering this question. Just be honest. Unbiased. Yes, that goes for you too. I would like to have journalists tell the truth. I really would like to. Now that will be freedom of speech. So I’m telling you: Year after year...there will be increases in the volume of roads being built, road reconstruction and road quality. This issue has been set forth harshly, and it will be implemented.

Did you hear that? Yeah, it’s him! It’s the “Ukraine for the People”-“I hear everyone”- “red-hot iron” man speaking.

You may remember him serving as PM (August 2006 through December 2007).

Now that he’s been promoted... about we ask him a couple of questions?

Why did he spend 50 million tax hryvnias on his Mezhyhirya
home-sweet-home road?

Let me guess. Euro 2012 made him do it!

At least, that’s the official explanation supplied by Ukravtodor, the state-run ($15M/km ‘08) road construction company.

And what about those rural roads and the low-caste aborigines that use them? They can wait. The Millennium Development Goals told him so, right?

Forget the Yanukovych-only road. Try the Mezhyhirya one! There’s room for everyone now. What’s good for Yanukovych is good for Ukraine!

Still mad at him for blocking traffic as he passes by? Wait until he goes airborne!



Mykola said...

He is just emulating his neighbor's traffic privileges:

Stanislav said...

wow wow wow, I had heard only audio version of this BBC interview and found it lousy done by journalist. But video changed the angle, Al Presidento loses his temper! :-) On such easy question, he has lost his last democratic-like costume. What if really hard reporter ask him a question about No Reforms, No Dignity, No Sense, etc.?

Taras said...


Once he gets on that chopper, Kyiv should be declared a no-fly zone, and Boryspil should be closed until further notice.


It’s not the first time this happens. Remember how Mustafa Nayem cornered him on Mezhyhirya?