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Friday, October 01, 2010

Yanukovych Praises Man Who Raises Taxes on Small Businesses

Yanukovych promised tax breaks for small businesses. Read his lips now.

And watch Mykhailo Brodsky’s 29 seconds of fame.

Yanukovych: You had...have no idea how many...enemies you’ve made over this short period of time. But I understand very well...who your friends and your enemies are. Your friends are entrepreneurs, and your enemies are officials...who...whose bread you’re taking away, so to speak. Because over the years, their pockets have reached their feet, you know.

Many entrepreneurs would argue the opposite.

And it’s not just those secondhand clothing dealers who supply Ukrainians with used but quality stuff they can afford.

Brodsky, who mixes his luxury lifestyle with deregulation rhetoric, wants flea markets out of business starting next year.

From Kharkiv to Lviv, thousands have protested the crackdown.

So if you read Russian, go to Brodsky’s blog and find out what people think.

The guy runs the State Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Committee.

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Ropi said...

What did you study at university?

Ropi said...

It's like he is laughing out himself.

John Kalitka said...

Let me guess...these taxes are in ADDITION TO protection payments--excuse me, "contributions"--to the bureaucrats overseeing policies affecting small businesses?

Roman said...

I'm enjoying your blog. Happy to have discovered another source of Ukrainian political news and analysis in English.

Taras said...


I majored in Management and I think he’s laughing at his boss being a clown like that.


Exactly! And no matter how much they talk deregulation these days, those “contributions” just don’t seem to go away.


You’re welcome! Watch Ukrainian politics and get all the heating you need!:)