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Friday, October 29, 2010

Vice PM Test-Drives Bus, Breaks Traffic Rules, Hits Police Car

From “The Party That Builds”...

Watch Vice PM Borys Kolesnikov test-drive a Lviv bus.

Looking good, isn't he?

Too bad he didn’t notice that highway patrol car parked on the roadside.

Voice from the bus: “It’s OK! It’s OK! Nothing will happen to that cops car!”

That’s what happens when you break the law — “business as usual” for Ukraine’s elites.

In Ukraine, to drive buses, you need a D driver’s license. (Which doesn’t quite match Kolesnikov’s B license.)

That same day, Kolesnikov bought a replacement car and proudly declared himself ready to face the law. (Which means no one made him face it right away.)

And what does the law say? It says he should be fined $75 and his driver's license suspended.

But can
you really do that to a guy who wears a $420,000 watch?

Not really. Not in Ukraine.

Not unless he lets you.



Anonymous said...

Well, it must have been a "nice" collision as I can see from the photos.

Mykola said...

Aww, video removed...Wanted to see his awesome driving skills!

Taras said...


Everything's fine. Just a few scratches:)


Somebody decided to drop the curtain, but luckily a copy appeared soon. I hope you've seen it by now.