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Monday, November 15, 2010

Yanukovych to ‘Wring’ Opposition Mayors’ Heads Off

If somebody messes with your opposition head, you know who dunnit.

Джерело відео:

Yanukovych: Democracy is not about abusing yourselves. It’s this...constructive approach to life, and not... If you have a competitive platform, be my guest. Make it happen. [...] In one region, they elected five city heads from one party, and the party’s in opposition. So these five city heads will be in opposition? I can’t imagine this. [chuckles] Ho can the head of a city be in opposition? I’ll wring his head off right away — if he doesn’t work on that sewerage, if he doesn’t work on that water and gas. [...] Uh...Ihor Stepanovych here, he’ opposition, right? But...

Kalush Mayor Ihor Nasalyk: No, what opposition?
Yanukovych [blurts out in Russian]: Ta podozhdi! [Hold it!] “What” [opposition]? I don’t know “what,” but I know he’s...taking care of the city day and night.

So how could Gongadze, the beheaded journalist, be in opposition to Kuchma?


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