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Monday, November 22, 2010

More Anti-Tax Code Protests As Orange Revolution Turns 6

Back to square one.

We're nowhere as big as 6 years ago.

But we're in the right place, at the right time.

Tymoshenko back in vogue?

Her plan: Petition Yanukovych to veto the tax code.

Meanwhile, a court bans rallies in downtown Kyiv Nov. 22-26.

That's the same court that never banned pro-Yanukovych rallies.

The police that protected Yanukovych are now threatening his opponents.


elmer said...

wow, Taras, this is big - really big. And very serious.

As you know, the rallies are happening all over the country - and if you listen to the comments, these people know exactly what they're talking about.

They are talking about the possible loss of their livelihoods, they talk about making a better future for their kids. They are sick and tired of the oligarchs robbing the country blind.

They talk about how Yanuk is in Brussels - but they will wait for him until he returns.

They are talking about presidential impeachment - and about disbanding Parliament.

They are self-organized - and they know what they are talking about. Recently, they have appeared on the Savik Shuster show and on other political talk shows in Ukraine.

They speak very calmly and knowledgably - but they have a very, very firm resolve. It's very evident on their faces, and it's very, very evident from their demeanor.

There are men and women of all ages.

In one city, as reported on Channel 5, there was an axe on stage, while the people were listening to the speakers very calmly.

Tihipko says that the Tax Code is his baby, he owns it, and he's got "experts" - he claims the people are wrong.

Thousands of people can't be wrong.

If Yanukovych was smart, the instant he got back from Brussels, he would go out in front of the people, he would make a big show of it, and he would set up a meeting with the representatives of the businessmen - they have self-organized, without politicians, although some politicians are trying to hitch a ride.

He would very publicly televise himself listening to the businessmen, and then work towards addressing their concerns and implement a solution.

He would gain millions and millions of votes.

If he's smart enough to do it.

Чи президент почує людей?

Will the President hear the people?

Чи Україна є для людей?

Is Ukraine for the people - one of Yanuk's slogans - or just for oligarchs?

Taras said...

Not quite as big as it should have been.

And now that he’s “vetoed” the tax code, it’s not going to get any bigger.

At least not until he pisses people off again, big time.