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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Yanukovych Puts Ukraine Behind the Iron Curtain

Ta-da! (4:20)

That's the Iron Curtain that separates Yanukovych from the rest of Ukraine.

And don't you come rallying outside. Not even on Journalists' Day! The guy who runs the nearby village of Novi Petrivtsi went to court to ban rallies.

Reporters then invented this smart excuse: We're here to see if the court order is carried out.

Meanwhile, in Donetsk...

If you got a problem with Yanukovych's eldest son building a parking lot in your backyard, you get beaten by his goons. Now you know why he named his construction company MAKO.

And here's the good news: Ukraine has finally completed the Fool And His Nukes Are Soon Parted program
. As of June 8, 2011, there's no enriched uranium left.

It's time for the International Maids Fu** to ship more enriched oligarchium.


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