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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zhirinovsky Rips Pugacheva (Tymoshenko/Prokhorov Endorser)

Celeb endorsers are a dime a dozen once he puts his two cents in.

Zhirinovsky: Why didn't you dislike Yeltsin back then? This half-drunk half-wit? Why did you all campaign for him back then? Why are you...
Pugacheva: You're a disgrace to our country!

You keep quiet!

Pugacheva: You're a disgrace!

Yeah, you keep quiet! You artists, like lowlife prostitutues, would go under any leader for money! You all went under Brezhnev, under Gorbachev, under Yeltsin, under Putin! Tomorrow I'll move into the Klemlin, Kremlin, and you all will be lying down, and I'll be spitting on you and wiping my feet on you! Shame on you! 22:55-23:27

Presidential debates can be so much when you have Zhirinovsky. You never get tired watching this guy. He's everything: a veteran jack-in-the-box, a convenient opposition figure, a patriot, a lover, a fighter, a rhetorical rocket.

At the end of the show, he puts Ukraine on his “friends of Russia” list, next to Iran and North Korea. Guess who’s on the “enemies of Russia” list? Now what did we do to deserve this? Didn’t we give away our nukes?

And what did we get in return? Oligarchs? Guys who, like Russia’s Prokhorov, are so admired in the free world? Admired when they're free to invest in London’s luxury. Admired when they're free to keep scores of Western gold-diggers around. But...not quite admired when they cut capers in Courchevel?

Does anyone remember Pugacheva’s singing endorsement of Tymoshenko in 2009? (After her gas deal had slated Ukraine to become Russia’s biggest and most profitable/punishable customer in 2010/11?)

Or Zhirinovsky “endorsement” of Obama in 2008?

Anyway, let’s see what sort of celebs will be endorsing Ukraine’s ruling Party of Regions and its opposition come this fall. Just don’t forget that the two seek coalitions, pass key bills together and trade talent.

Meet Oleksandr Volkov, of the KUCHMA Bloc. He's with Tymoshenko's BYuT now. What a major asset to the "Free Yulia!" campaign.

How about a Nobel Peace Prize?
Hope Obama doesn't mind.

Zhirinovsky congratulates Putin. Not quite as loud, is he?


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