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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kuchma Comes Back!
Unveils Monument to Former Ukrainian President

Any idea why he looks like a hybrid of Caligula and one of those "little green men?" And does he really deserve a spot near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?


elmer said...

Great Caesar's Ghost!!!!!!

I don't think anyone anywhere has done a Roman-theme statue to anyone.

Why does he even deserve a statue?

And why is he wearing a skirt?


And where did that MASSIVE right forearm go, like in the cartoon-style picture of him on the billboard ("enough of fooling the people")?

I think the statue is a practical joke - someone has played a huge practical joke!!

Anonymous said...

This statue must have been in storage somewhere to be so oxidized. I think it a "Sign of the Times" that it has been put up. I was very much concerned that the past turmoil esp. of the last year would open the door to Kuchma's coming out of the shadows and it is unfortunate that those concerns are being more and more realized. I wonder when he will come back to stand into political office?


Anonymous said...

The is a perfectly good explanation why it is already green (not in tribute to Kermit the Frog and not as I thought that it had been in storage) but because it seems that the statue is NOT made of bronze but of plaster.

Кучма в гипсе пропал из Киева
"«Это был гипсовый памятник, потом планировалось сделать его из бронзы», – отметил Миримский."
url contd


Blair Sheridan said...


The guy with the arm in the election ads isn't the (apparently former member of the Roman Senate) Leonid Danil'ich, but his former crony, Volkov, who looks a lot like Dukalis from "Ulitsa razbytykh fonarei!"

Taras said...


Thankfully, some local gladiators have already wasted him. Aside from being a joke, this piece of “antiquity” was a disgrace to the community — a sculpture blown out of proportion to its living prototype’s anatomy and achievements.

Moreover, this Caligula-like chimera desecrates the very Pax Sovietica electorate that the KUCHMA bloc targets in its campaign.

Kuchma lovers put him right next to the burial place of Soviet soldiers who died liberating Kyiv and defending its people. Today, Kuchma only has his family’s possessions to defend. Under his rule (1994-2004), the Ukrainian people shrank by almost 5 million, which can be compared to Ukraine’s WW II demographic losses.



Kuchma is no Energizer Bunny. Don’t be afraid of him. He is history. And I hope he won’t make it to heaven.

Taras said...

That’s right, Blair:)

To be precise, that was Volkov imitating Rosie the Riveter.

He does resemble the movie character from the Russian cop opera, but I’m not sure that Volkov “can do it” in this election.

elmer said...

The statue has got be a joke of some sort.

Really, that's the only way to take it.

It's a joke.

Kuchma called заробітчани "prostitutes", as you recall. He did absolutely nothing for those people who left Ukraine to try to live, but he called them prostitutes.

What an enormous change there is this year, when during the televised debates you see Yatseniuk and others openly discussing what the government can do to improve economic conditions in Ukraine so that Ukrainians can come home.

Kuchma's "prostitutes" can come home. I wonder what Kuchma thinks about that? Or if he even gives one millisecond of thought to it?

Taras said...


If there’s any such thing as reincarnation, I hope that in his next life Kuchma will be given a little taste of his own vocabulary. Holland is out of the question. Let’s see… How about Haiti;)?

Qatar Cat said...

Viva! A Roman leprechaun!

They've GOT to be kidding.

Taras said...

They should have put some cash in his hands, or toy versions of Ukraine's plants and factories. In Danylovych speramus:)!