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Sunday, September 30, 2007

National Exit Poll Results

PRU 35.2
BYuT 31,5
NUNS 13.4
KPU 5.1
LyB 3.7
SPU 2.5

Happy retirement, Mr. Moroz. Welcome back, Mr. Lytvyn. You hold the "golden share."


Anonymous said...

That is very encouraging results...

I believe things'll work out!


elmer said...

This could be HUGE, if this holds up. From UNIAN

Calculation of votes on protocols of district electoral commission continues
BYuT (35.18%)

Party of Regions (26.5%)

Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense (17.99%)

Communists (4.86%)

Lytvyn Block (4.7%)

Socialists (3.13%)

Vitrenko Party (0.68%)

Total of protocols processed: 6.61%

Taras said...

The picture looks very interesting:) Let's wait until all the colors set in.