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Friday, September 28, 2007

Now See This!

The Cabinet of Ministers official site now features a kids section. The earlier Ukrainians learn about servility, uh sorry, stability, the more prosperous some of them will be, right?

More funnies. This is an R-rated, unedited version of a televised address by Kharkiv mayor Mykhailo Dobkin, PRU.
As the filming takes place behind the screen, Dobkin and his associates swear profusely. I wouldn’t dare provide translated minutes.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that there is a ten year gap on the history page between 1930 to 1939 (start of WWII.) Hmm.
and what no Google ads for work as a model abroad?
check out this article from Feb. 2007 "The Incredible Shrinking Model"

The reason I bring it up is that the drawings of children are line in with esp. how teen girls look and weigh in Ukraine reflecting underweight and malnourished. Perfect model fodder.

And these kids are just stick figures in balloon clothes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for expanding my vocabulary Taras! (I would like to place a copy of the video rt. next to Terkel.)

ROADS?!? Yep, indeed a big-time deal all across Ukraine. And quite worthy of putting into political advertising. But very sad as so many are not even paved. PM Yanukovych was also promising that post-elections, he would concern himself with roads and pensions. So what have they been doing since last year?

My aggro is when, when, when, when will voters in the East wake up?

Anonymous said...

Darn it - now I'm going to end up watching youtube all day - but cannot resist --- have u seen the following one? in ans. to the ques. Who is Mister Dobkin?

Anonymous said...

cool music video from a group in Kharkiv

Pawlina said...

Wow, these apparatchik holdouts give new meaning to the word "maladroit."

Then there's "antediluvian" ...

Taras said...


As I see it, anorexia perfectly dovetails with stabilnist at the brand level. An anorexic Snejana would be the best face of the stabilnist brand.

When we see this kind of footage, we realize the spiritual connection between the Regionalists and the condition of Ukraine’s roads. Keeping in mind that all Regionalist roads lead to the Rada, let’s hope that this election will be less of a joyride for them.

Thanks for the “introduction to Dobkin”:)!


May Ukraine get closer to the antediluvian era. May this election wash away some of that Dobkinese stabilnist thing.

Anonymous said...
Mayor states that the video was a montage and reading it - it sounds really menacing towards the person who put it the tape out there.