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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Clinton Calls Ukraine Election 'A Step Backward'

Wasn't that part of the “lowly enriched iranium” deal?

Or uranium takers can still be democracy choosers?

Anyway, you have to admit: It’s not as bad as in Russia and Belarus. We have some fresh blood. 


Isn't that what democracy is all about?


Anonymous said...

I think it is interesting how once again Batkivshchyna proved the polls wrong.

Time after time they indicated Tymoshenko would get incredibly low support (both in the presidential election, when they claimed she may not even make it to the second round, and various parliamentary elections).

25% speaks very differently.

Taras said...

Batkivshchyna beat my expectations as well.

It's amazing how people still put so much stock in the two major parties. After all the promises they failed to keep.

Party of Regions: 34% (2007); 30% (2012)
Batkivshchyna: 30% (2007); 25% (2012)

Anonymous said...

The Party of Regions bribed and cheated there way to that 30%, though. Batkivshchyna had a lot running against them and they still managed to have an impressive showing.

Were you surprised about Ukraina-Vpered's low result? For a $60 million campaign, it is amazing they got less than 2%.

Taras said...

Agreed. Batkivshchyna had to play the underdog. And they only had themselves to blame.

Ukraina-Vpered? Yeah, quite the facepalm.