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Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Elections Look Like to Many Ukrainians

It’s not just the vote fraud issue. It’s what the whole thing looks like.

That’s why the “against all” option won’t be available in this election.

Now watch how the government and opposition camps can't tell their rivals’ platform from their own.

Whether it’s wages or water supply, they go yes, yes, yes. Like the Tymoshenko camp lady who says she would honor Lenin’s historical legacy. Or like the Yanukovych camp guy who says he would ensure access to KGB archives.

They’ll agree with any shit they think you want to hear.

How many pranked:  5 pro-Tymoshenko, 5 pro-Yanukovych
How many smelled something fishy: 2 pro-Tymoshenko, 2 pro-Yanukovych

They like to trade. They give you their bread and circuses…


…you give them your brains.

Does this sound too harsh? Well, here’s how they deal with it in the West.




Anonymous said...

A BYuT member actually said she would honor Lenin? That's embarrassing.

Also I wanted to ask: is UDAR thought to truly be in opposition? It seems more legitimate than Ukraina Vpered.

Taras said...

Embarrassing? Given Batkivshchyna’s track record, I’d say it’s business as usual.

Yes, UDAR looks more genuine than Ukrayina Vpered. If UDAR outpolls Batkivshchyna and doesn’t sell out to Yanukovych, Klitschko will have a shot at the presidential race.

Anonymous said...

An article in Der Spiegel on Tym.

The title is very misleading. The actual message of the article is Tym does everything to help herself even the expense of the opposition. Interesting coming from a German magazine.

but Klitschko as President of Ukraine? That's embarrassing as well.

Taras said...


TVi is the last independent broadcaster in the country.

Independent of Yanukovych, yes. Non-partitsan, no. It’s a channel that depends on the opposition.

Is it possible that her health isn't as bad as she makes it out to be? When he visited her on the Sunday before last, Karl Max Einhäupl, the head of Berlin's Charité Hospital, found that Tymoshenko's pain had "decreased significantly" and that her overall mobility had "increased."

That’s a very timely observation to make.