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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pastor Adelaja Purged Demons from Tymoshenko, His Aide Says

Everybody has them. But not all demons come in king/queen-size. 

One size, one church.

Reporter: You’ve never seen Tymoshenko at the Embassy of God?
Former aide to Adelaja: Never seen? Why, she did come. Let me recall...December...uh...2000.

Adelaja: I know...uh...Yulia Volodymyrivna personally and I respect her very much and I think she’s good and one of the gifted politicians of Ukraine.

Former aide to Adelaja: She came just like ordinary folks do, didn’t have a braid, had straight hair, said “I’m Tymosh-Tymoshenko-enko.” “There’s evil out there,” so she kept saying. “There’s evil in parliament and so on, and this evil needs to be done away with.” He [Adelaja] stood by. He started handling her, right with his hands. He’d take her by the hand and then he’d swing her like this, and I’m watching him and I am thinking...I mean, he had never acted like that to anyone. 

Former Kyiv mayors/rivals Omelchenko and Chernovetsky. Former PMs/partners Lazarenko and Tymoshenko. A friend of the Yushchenko family. A Yanukovych appointee. Plus, assorted celebs. The list goes on and on.

With such a diverse portfolio of parishioners and allegiances, Adelaja looks like a walking WikiLeaks-in-waiting.

In the meantime, let the West stay in the dark on how close Ukraine's ruling and not-so-ruling (drooling) elites can be.



Anonymous said...

Re: Tymoshenko

A blogger at UP thinks he's found out why the press coverage is so favourable to Tymoshenko in the West. A lot of money paid to a British PR company who pass it onto more than one British journalist.

makes sense.

Taras said...

Thanks! Actually, I've known about this arrangement for a while. I just didn't know all the names.

It's amazing how all these guys couldn't come up with something more credible. Something along the lines of "the lesser of two evils" maybe?

Something other than a Potemkin Village to please the Western eye, complete with a Berlin Wall to hide all the skeletons.

Kind of reminds me of the born-again libertarian/reformer image that US lobbyists had tried to create for Yanukovych.

Now look how the Yanukovych camp is trashing Tymoshenko in Germany with that "Die Gauklerin" book. In the US, Yanukovych might have grabbed an Oscar for playing his enriched uranium version of Gorbachev-Shevardnadze-Kuchma to Obama. But not in Germany. Not in Europe’s most powerful country, which pays less for Russia's gas than Ukraine, Europe’s poorest country.

No wonder we'll be buying gas from Germany starting next year. For the first time in Ukraine's history. So in Germany, the Gorbachev-Shevardnadze-Kuchma Giveaway Checkers Award indisputably goes to Tymoshenko.

Let's keep an eye on this PR rat race.

Anonymous said...

The German trying to say that all Yanuk was doing in the case of Tym was, finally, trying to make officials accountable, gave the game away. He should have left that nonsense out and then it wouldn't have been such obvious propaganda.

And now a blow from the other side in the PR rat race. From Aljazera(!) this video. The story of one courageous woman incarcerated for her single handed fight against a regime leading her country into chaos etc etc (where the last bit is fair enough)

Taras said...

Haven’t read the German guy’s book. Judging by the presentation, it’s probably a bit of clumsy counter-propaganda on Yanukovych’s part.

Probably as clumsy as some parts of this Al Jazeera piece.

Has the eastern European country been returned to the grips of the powerful oligarchs and neighbouring Russia?

So Tymoshenko had nothing to do with any of this? Not even when she packed her entire party with oligarchs? The ones who went from Yanukovych to Tymoshenko and back?

Not even when she signed that time bomb of a gas deal with Russia? Why hasn’t Europe and Russia ever complained about it? Oh I forget — it’s just us Ukrainians. We’re the guys left holding the bag, right?

But six years later, through the newly elected President Viktor Yanukovich, the head of the Party of Regions, it returned to the grips of its powerful oligarchs and Russia. So the people got neither the rule of law nor the democracy they had imagined.

And how did Tymoshenko perform during these six years? Did she or did she not do the job we had hired her for? Or did she spend her two PM terms of office ice-cubed?

They were proficient in English, keen to know about the other side, rebellious, intelligent and curious. But they disappeared as soon as they heard the familiar sound of OGPU (secret police) officers nearby.

OGPU in 1963? That acronym had gone out of date in 1934. In 1963, we had the more familiar KGB brand. Here’s the chronology.

Anonymous said...

Am invoice from Ridge Consulting on the net. Is this Tym's gas money? Don't know if it's real (or a piece of propaganda from the other side!)

Taras said...

Pecunia non olet!

Looks pretty authentic to me. Back in July, Tymoshenko's daughter reported having her email account hacked.

For one thing, Tymoshenko's party shows up on Ridge Consulting's "Our work" list.