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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sex Tourist Tied Up, Dumped on Highway, Vigilantes’ Video Claims

Did FEMEN outsource their cause to these guys?

Now how about we trade smalltime sex tourists for some equally fun-loving high-net-worth cons? I mean, for real, not like this

More like this. More like Uncle Sam in former PM Lazarenko's case: We put him in our jail, we let him keep his money. Ukraine's money, that is.

So maybe we should put a PM exchange program of sorts in place? To help address our seniors’ healthcare needs, for example. (Unless they can afford German doctors, of course.) Maybe that program would stop our -impaired seniors from feeling like bombing our government out of its luxury misery.

Elderly woman: They’re all poor. You look at them and you say, could someone take this place where they all are and drop some f**king bomb on them and blow them up to f**king kingdom come?

All talk and no action, aren't they? Think again.



Anonymous said...

The July 4 2011 Courthouse News article to which you refer is not about Lazarenko getting to keep any money.

Rather, the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals made a decision as to competing claims between the US government, for forfeiture of $2.5 million in EuroFed bank in Antigua, and the liquidators of the bank, who were distributing liquidated bank assets to law-abiding citizens. The US government faced 3 arguments, including the statute of limitations, so the EuroFed Bank had priority as to the those particular funds.

The Court of Appeals opinion is here:

You can type in the word Lazarenko and pull up 6 opinions here:

As far as those funds being "Ukraine's money" - well, in a sense, yes. The problem is that the sovok mafia in Ukraine did nothing about it. As reported in the excellent series done by Serhiy (Serge) Leshchenko in Ukrainian Pravda, the first people to raise a question as to Lazarenko were the Swiss banks, and then the US. Many, many years ago.

As far as the stunt pulled by Kharkiv mayor Kernes (he looks like a weird bird) in putting up a poster of Berlusconi with a claim for his freedom, well, that's just typical sovok mafia behavior - perverting logic and standing it on its head.

The "sex tourist" guys are focusing on the wrong people - they should grab yanusvoloch, zArazov, Chechetov, Olena Bondarenko, Ganna Goebbels German, and Inna Boogooslonskay, along with Mr. Foreign Minister Krokodile Hryshchenko, Mr. Energy Minister Drilling Rig Boyko, Firtash - the "savior of Ukranie" - and a few others, and send them to Turkey.


Taras said...

Hey Elmer! Long time no see:)

And Lazarenko claims that money was a war chest for his bid to unseat Kuchma in the '99 presidential election, right?

Which, taken at face value, makes Lazarenko something of an opposition figure, sponsored by his then-partner /”unindicted co-conspirator“ Tymoshenko .

So for me, the West's "democracy card" for Ukraine boils down to this: We can put them in jail if we want to, but you guys can't.

A corollary of this argument would be: Just because Yanukovych and Tymoshenko and whoever comes next “oppose” each other, they're above the law. You can’t put them in jail. Unless we the West so desire.

Don’t know what to make of the anti-sex tourist video. Could be a scaremongering campaign to push all kinds of male tourists away from Ukraine. Or a legit cause. Who knows?

elmer said...

So for me, the West's "democracy card" for Ukraine boils down to this: We can put them in jail if we want to, but you guys can't.

A corollary of this argument would be: Just because Yanukovych and Tymoshenko and whoever comes next “oppose” each other, they're above the law. You can’t put them in jail. Unless we the West so desire.


No, Taras, that's not quite the case, and there are some huge leaps of logic in your statements.

It would be more accurate to say that Lazarenko violated US laws by trying to launder money in the US, and that's why he was put in jail in the US.

Is would also be more accurate to say that Lazarenko had immunity in Zookraine, which was about to be removed, rendering him subject to prosecution in Zookraine, which is why he fled Zookraine.

But it's only because he was getting ready to opposed Kuchma - noone in Zookraine cared about his corruption.

Furthermore, the West is not telling Zookraine that Tymoshenko is above the law.

The West is telling Zookraine that in order to join the European Union, it must meet EU standards.

And that includes legal standards - no stalinist show trials, no trumped up charges against Lutsenko, Tymoshenko and others.

The same stalinist courts that "convicted" Lutsenko and Tymoshenko and others just decided that it was OK for the sovok mafia Party of Regions to blatantly steal elections via fraudulent vote counts and other stunts in several districts.

Simply put, the sovok mafia refuses to clean up its act.

Noone can blame the West for that.

Taras said...

Elmer, when Tymoshenko applied for that grand coalition with Yanukovych in 2009, what kind of a presidential election did she have in mind? "Just the two of us," right?

Don't you remember how Yanukovych got a hero's welcome in Washington when he showered Obama with Ukraine's enriched uranium in 2010?

So what's wrong with Yanukovych now? Has he lost his magic?

elmer said...

Taras, what's your point?

Yep, Tymoshenko tried to make a deal with Yanusvoloch to have the "president" of Zookraine "elected" otherwise than by a vote of the people.

Yanusvoloch promptly revealed her proposal and publicly humiliated her for it.

So what's the point now?

As far as Yanusvoloch being a "hero" in Washington - not by a long shot, Taras.

He got a photo op, because the US got what it wanted. That's it.

Washington's assessment was that Zookraine is an insane asylum with nuclear weapons, and that it would use those weapons.

Washington was correct.

Zookraine is still an insane asylum - a дурдом.

The fact that the sovok mafia thugs found yet another source of money - for uranium - is on the Zookrainian people and the thugs that they allowed to rob and pillage and beat them, not on the West.

That's not the fault of the West.

I happen to agree with you - Ukraine should have kept its nuclear weapons.

But the goddamn idiot селепки in Ukraine let a bunch of sovok mafia thugs into power who care about nothing except their own pocket books.

If I had my druthers, Yanusvoloch and the rest of them would be swinging from lamp posts.

Zookraine is the creation of years of a schizoid, psychotic sovok union centered in a schizoid, psychotic Maskva.

Ukrainians can play chess and they can do math.

But Ukrainians don't know how to think.

It's not an easy task, since the sovok mafia uses fists and guns and worse to intimidate and control the population.

But the latest elections showed what the Regionnaire mafia fears the most - open, honest elections.

Ukrainians had several opportunities to rid themselves of the sovok mafia parasites - they chose not to do so.

That's not the fault of the West.

Taras said...

Elmer, imagine Bonnie and Clyde decided to steal your presidential election. Just like the Grinch who stole Christmas, remember?

So here they are, scheming behind your back, stealing your election, and...all of a sudden Clyde double-crosses Bonnie. He grabs the booty, he jumps into his car, he’s gone. Now where does that leave Bonnie? Does she look like Aung San Suu Kyi now? Are you calling the police or the Nobel Peace Prize Committee?

By teaming up with Ukraine's corrupt elites to take away our nukes, our money and our resources out, the West made the wrong call. This type of engagement didn’t bring freedom and prosperity to most Ukrainians.

And now it’s funny how the West gets so frustrated when its booty calls go unanswered.