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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ruling PoR MPs Pelted With Snowballs At Opposition Rally

What good is democracy without 360 degree feedback?


It takes balls to play snowballs with the state, considering how it can always play nightsticks with you.

Maybe that little opposition rally did get its point across after all?

While some not-so-opposition MPs sucked it up, Tymoshenko strongly opposes such non-violent snowball protests. In a country where MPs, officials and cops beat, mutilate and kill people on a regular basis, isn't it a bit too much to ask? 

Obviously, not for the Tymoshenko part of the establishment. Wait, wasn't it Tymoshenko's top brass and then-Interior Minister Lutsenko that defended — and even wanted to award MP Lozynsky? Until it became clear that, contrary to earlier reports, this guy — one of their guys had hunted and killed an innocent villager?

Maybe they all like democracy? But not if democracy doesn't like them back?



Anonymous said...

not exactly connected to your post but here's how oligarchs' son are represented in on a particular site (Russian)

Yush's son of course is a notorious night clubber.

Yanuk's and Akhmetov's sons are in contrast shown as upright smart cultured businessmen (just look at those photos) - no mention of the sudden exponential growth in wealth since dad become President or drunken homecomings.

Taras said...

Good point! Some of those profiles appear conspicuously incomplete, hehe.