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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yushchenko Untouchables Called on Carpet, NSNU at Crossroads

Surprisingly, the deNSNUization of the Yanukovych Cabinet did not stop with the eviction of NSNU rank and file ministers. The trio of ministers directly appointed by the President, made coalition-exempt by the Constitution, has also been challenged by the anticrisis coalition.

Each has received an invitation to appear before the Rada. However, at the end of the day, the Rada may lack the Constitutional clout to rid fire these ministers.
These worrisome developments come within days of the NSNU Convention’s reawakening from its three-week slumber.

Finding a turnaround-minded successor to Roman Bezsmertny remains on top of the agenda for a party trading at all-time lows. The pilot idea of co-opting Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a brainy outsider well-connected in both pre- and post-Orange worlds, has been met with stiff resistance from the lyubi druzi HR department.

Whatever course of action Yu chooses to pursue (e.g. derailing the Politreforma, seeking repeat parliamentary elections, etc) he is going out on a limb.
Not until a swift and serious overhaul effort reaches out to every facet of NSNU will that political vehicle ever get him anywhere other than his political deathbed. Katerynchuk, the only credible figure, had better get his act together. Debureaucratize or die.

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