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Sunday, November 05, 2006

WTOverdrive: Why the Sudden Speedup?

Since Moroz got infected with the WTO virus, the Rada has chain-passed a whopping seven WTO-related bills, albeit in the first reading. That narrows the prerequisite down to fourteen.

What accounts for the unexpected resurgence in the passage of WTO legislation? Analysts attribute the cabin fever to an eagerness to realize first-mover advantages. When push comes to shove, the anticrisis coalition's love for the Russian ruble probably outranks its love for Russia itself.

Why not jam Russia’s fingers in the doorway for a handsome profit?
Some sources indicate that once Ukraine plants the flag, the temptation to press Russia for opening its pipe and oil field exploration markets would be impossible to overcome.

The WTO resurrection in the Ukrainian Parliament, if sustained, raises the possibility that the geopolitical bribe buried into the $130 price tag may cover non-membership in NATO, but not in the WTO.

For crying out loud, will somebody grab the phone and call the FSB hotline? The capitalist fatherland is in danger!

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