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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bread and Circuses
Mayor Chernovetsky Staves off Impeachment with New Wave of Handouts and BS

Attention senior citizens. You may pick up your handouts. Don’t forget to bring your ID. Enjoy!

Notices of this kind, often hand-written, have recently flourished on the entrance doors of Soviet-built high rise condos that that make up the bulk of Kyiv’s housing projects. Here’s the good news: Some recipients have the dignity to ship these unsolicited packages where they came from.

In the face of the mounting grassroots movement to put him out of business, Cher has changed his tactics. He and his plutocratic posse have launched a post-election gastronomic loyalty program spiced up with promises of gradually scaling back the 340 percent utility hike to previous levels. Bravo, Mr. Chernovetsky! It’s all about bread and circus, right?

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