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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Holovaty, Go to Hell!

Turncoats Inc has a new playmate: Serhiy Holovaty, a former BYuT and NSNU member, a star constitutional lawyer affiliated with the Council of Europe, and a three-time Justice Minister.

Yushchenko’s “unconstitutional” behavior obviously found him in the midst of assuming his fourth ministership — at the Yanukovych Cabinet. Speaking before the Rada on Tuesday, he couched his neverending disgruntlement in Biblical terms, equating current events with the work of the Devil.

(Mr, Holovaty, the Coalition of National ImpUnity has hired you as a legal eagle — or perhaps it’s better to say as an Easter bunny — to take its case to the Council of Europe, is that correct? Well, don’t forget to mention how badly your guardian angels wanted those 300 seats in Ukraine’s legislature! And if you still want them, come and get them. You’re free to do that. That’s what elections are for.)

Meanwhile, the stage at Maidan (Independence Square) is being reassembled. Small numbers of Yanukovych supporters have been trying to secure the area. Maidan 2 reconvenes shortly.


Anonymous said...

Holovaty was the only from NSNU who came to Parliament. His argument was not to push for early elections but for the removal of the Prime Minister which would cause the Cabinet's removal and would be its very nature trigger early elections. Very constitutional and very clear to the rest of the world.

I can see the point of his argument but sitting in the middle of a situation and complaining how it started is just to unreal. And far too late in the game.

Taras said...

You must be joking, right:)? Did Holovaty call on the Prime Minister to resign? I don't remember him doing so. Yes, he fired a couple of blanks at Yanukovych — to create a pretense of impartiality — but then he launched into a vicious eschatological diatribe.

He came to the defense of Proffessor as an outspoken critic of the imperative mandate — and not without some hidden motivation. That motivation probably involves something other than a bagful of European law dictionaries.

Anonymous said...

In today's speech at Parliament no - Holovaty did not but the argument which I wrote about was stated by him prior in talk shows. Today's speech was a bizaare mix of how Ukrainians should be preparing and celebrating Easter not involved in politics. Odd - because what it is ok to have their rights taken away.

Basicly he is enjoying more air time and podium time than he has ever had prior. Which is why it is upsetting that opposition sits this out. Not a smart move from my viewpoint.

Taras said...

Up until this moment, I always respected Holovaty. He was a brilliant lawyer who couldn’t stand Kuchma and Yanukovych. He was one of us.

And now he’s not.

The argument you’ve mentioned probably relates to the time when he was one of us.

It doesn’t take a scientist to realize whose agenda is being promoted in his recent flurry of live appearances.

Anonymous said...

Well he is out - NSNU will not have Holovaty on their election roll lists as well as the others who showed up in Parliament today.

Taras said...

If he works hard enough, he will earn a slot on the PRU roster, next to Herman and Chornovil. Short of that, he's history.

Anonymous said...

Holovaty is now saying that Parliamentarians might be arrested - though he acknowledges only the higher ups and so he is safe.

Anonymous said...

Holovaty update - says that debates should be held across Ukraine.

I swear the man is *freakn* out - no one has ever been so supportive of his ideas as PoR, which yes, freaks him out. Every time they clap, he looks shocked - what a теля - simple, truthful man caught in a den of thieves.

Taras said...

Wake up:)! The only folks being freaked out are Holovaty’s former fans. Sure, he feels a little uncomfortable in his new job, and it shows. But the truth is, one doesn't freak out people like that for free;)

Anonymous said...

Nah, Holovaty is not on the take. He really believes he is doing for the good of Ukraine. (really I do think that is his honest belief.) And look he is not way out there after all there are doubts regarding the Pres. decree being Constitutional but of course leaving it up to be decided by the CC is ... well let me not use bad words.

Don't forget - one step ahead, a visionary, two steps ahead - a martyr. And Holovaty is two steps ahead though in which direction is definitely debatable. :)

Taras said...

It appears to me that he's doing it for no good reason other than personal benefit. He's turned himself into a Chornovil-Herman clone:( That's the essence of his histrionic self-martyrdom:)