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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tymo Urges Supporters to Stay at Home?

Amid today’s controversial reports, one is somewhat disturbing. Tymo has called on Maidaners to stay out of Maidan, which, by the way, is not being reconvened yet, as previously reported.

As a few hundred Yanukovych supporters cruise around Maidan, Tymo tells us to prepare for new elections, saying the “job is done.” Well, is it? Shouldn’t we be on guard against creative countermeasures?


Anonymous said...

Tymo keeps me wondering "Whose side is she on?" Her moves lead to PoR and Coalition to expand and extend their powers not curtail them.

Whereas I could understand not to push for any irrevocable moves but for stability and calm, to not have a presence on the ground will be seen as a sign of weakness not strength. What are they hoping that in the absence of any opposition, the people from the oblasts in support of the Coalition will simply go home?

Stefan said...

agreed. is the job done?

and it seems to me that what is necessary now is a massive outpouring of people showing support for yushchenko's decision.

but i am always in favor of "the multitude" showing its muscle.

there should be rallies all over the country. if the grassroots is still breathing, it is bound to happen, no? i feel isolated here in riga--what hear you of things around the country?

i am contemplating flying down from my riga perch, but $ and baby. . .if so, i hope we'll meet up. . .

Taras said...

Greetings, everyone!:)

I came back from my reconnaissance mission two hours ago. As of this evening, there’s not enough manpower to start a fight.

That PRU-SPU-CPU camp in Maryinky Park is inhabited by several hundred people at most. (Daytime population may reach a few thousand.) I also spotted a dozen Blue tents at Maidan, right behind the Orange stage being set up. What could be more pathetic?

I now believe that the reason Tymo told us to keep quiet was because we shouldn’t get Yanukovych supporters agitated. It’s not their fault that the guy blew his job. And there's no point in blowing our horns and waving a red cloth at the bull. Let them enjoy their stay in Kyiv. But if anything goes wrong, we'll be there on short notice.

Good to see you again, Stefan:)!

Most probably there won’t be much of a Maidan this time, except in the event of massive election fraud on May 27. On that weekend, Kyiv will celebrate its 1522nd anniversary. You take care of Julija, and we’ll do our best to handle Yuliya;)

Anonymous said...

Have u seen?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it - I am getting the news that stands are being built and that opposition will be out on the street on Weds. evening.

Taras said...

Thanks for the link:) I love that Srakozhab! Each member of the Yanukovych Cabinet should have one;) As far as I know, Antikriminalny Vybir (Vote Against Crime) is an ally of Narodna Samo'oborona, right?

Speaking of NS, here’s some fresh and funny news: The stage at Maidan does not belong to us. It turns out yesterday’s reports messed it all up. Lutsenko, do you know what you’re talking about? If “today’s the day,” then how come they got the stage painted Blue?

The idea that the Counter-Maidan will be no match for ours, not even close, does not excuse our leaders from providing timely and accurate information. We should keep tabs on the buildup.

Anonymous said...

Yep - Anti-Crime was the org. which got pulled in by the militia for goods located nearby their offices.
Lutsenko's group

Anonymous said...

Taras - remember you said u could not see any evidence of spin after T's visit to Washington and DC - rd. the following article -
Ukraine Government Standoff: Cheney's Intervention Is Noticed

Taras said...

Oh, thanx for the article;)

I think Lyndon LaRouche offers a perspective that puts him in the same category as Counterpunch and Democratic Underground in their bias toward Russia whenever they write about Ukraine. Check this out:

LaRoche’s muckraking may hit the right note once in a while, but Ukraine is definitely not one of those hits.

It’s been a long time since I read my last LaRouche article — and I read a dozen of them in college. And every time I read them, I thought to myself, “Man, this guy is totally nuts.”

Of course, some people take him seriously, and that’s the problem. However, I have serious doubts about his ability to influence Western public opinion to any significant degree.

Some Western thinkers are so addicted to Russia that taking them to the Gulag would hardly change a thing.

Anonymous said...

OMG - articles are a blast from the past and yes, I remember those days. All it would take is for someone to quote BHHRG and I would go ballistic. And yes, the org. still comes up like the are the one and true not that Amerika creation OSCE.


Was reading "Expert Political Judgement: How good is it? How can we know?" by Tetlock

and it is this type of stuff like the following - written on April 6th mind you! --
"At the same time, both supporters of the ruling coalition and the opposition are converging on Kiev. The rallies that have been springing up promise to be lasting and crowded. Social tensions are building."

Taras said...

>>"At the same time, both supporters of the ruling coalition and the opposition are converging on Kiev. The rallies that have been springing up promise to be lasting and crowded.”

That’s outdated analysis. Following the March 31 rally, the opposition has virtually withdrawn itself from the streets of Kyiv. Pro-Coalition rallies clearly lack the energy and emotion.

>>“Social tensions are building.”

So far, only in Mr. Yermolayev’s dreams. Based on his public appearances and publications, I’ve known Andrei Yermolayev to be a staunch Yanukovych supporter:) I guess the PRU has a public relations account with his Sofia thinktank.

And when I think of the BHHRG, I can’t help but remember that “Cambridge education” Proffessor put on his job application back in 2004:)