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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just Another Mismaidan

What happened yesterday can best be summed up in the words of a popular Ukrainian folk tune, which I took the liberty of translating into English:

Ya pryishov, tebe nemah (Я прийшов, тебе нема)
Pidmanula, pidvela (Підманула, підвела)

I was there, but you were not
Fooled my soul and broke my heart

Earth to ‘mom,’ earth to ‘mom,’ your communication strategy needs a rethink. No, wait, I got it, you’re moonlighting at the Counter-Maidan. They didn’t show up either


Anonymous said...

There are all at the negotiating table.

Ho hum. (fingers tapping tabletop)

Waiting to see what they come up with and how things are carved up. It will be a compromise package - no one will be happy.

And UA Pravda will of course announce how much it is all Yushchenko's fault.

Taras said...

I too suspect that something spectacular is about to happen. Instead of Maidan 2, we'll end up with Universal 2:( And here’s how I see it:

Anonymous said...

And in mom's defense - she never made any overt calls to come out and play.

Your gender based thinking pre-supposed you to assume that the 'flirting' behavior as evidenced by hair, makeup and nails was a call to come out, rather than exquisite grooming and self-actualization.

Obviously you may have heard the song - but never really listened. Men fall for it every time. And we cherish you for that! Suckers.

Anonymous said...

You missed it actually - the locus of the Maidan is in Moscow NOT Kyiv.
Russian opposition in fresh rally

I wonder how this tips the scales at the negotiating table. ?

Anonymous said...

The cargo cult article in German!

David said...

Yup, that was pretty funny...but sad and quite possible...

I don't know. I imagine the low expectations people have is contributing to the low turnouts...

We'll see what happens.


alex said...

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Anonymous said...

Taras - FYI

dlw is archiving your stuff to a 'pot' site?

"The "other" Taras(whose blog deserves a link, Dan) posted his view( of what the bargaining between NU and Yusch may turn out to be like...

see here..."

this was posted up on OU site.

(u need not post this comment as it is FYI for you only)

David said...

I am not archiving his info...

just passing along insightful stuff.


Taras said...

Spam happens:(

So here I am, a lousy moderator, a crappy dater, and a bad secret keeper. I want to apologize for that accidental breach of confidence. I guess my unauthorized publishing of your confidential comment entitles you to a slot on Blogger’s witness protection program:)

Think twice before you submit any tips on this blog. I've just discovered myself to be the antipode of Fox Mulder:)

And by the time I checked into the heartbreak hotel, the Maidan I missed so much had already moved to Moscow:(

David, the other Taras thanks you:)! You’re my promoter par excellence:)! The moment I saw that video, I couldn't wait till I put it in the right context. I’m glad my interpolation has become newsworthy:)

What can I say? The Germans have a good taste. The Berliner Zeitung article gives a whole new meaning to the cargo cult. It’s a reprint of a Hazeta po-Kyivski article that draws a parallel between the Counter-Maidan and the cargo cult ( ;) Mykola Ryabchuk’s anthropological musings certainly deserve to be translated into other languages.

Back in college, I spoke basic French and Spanish, but German has always been foreign territory to me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy Yanukovych’s blitzkrieg in Germany;)

Anonymous said...

T. you are right!

You made me laugh! all is forgiven ;)

Bless you, go in peace.

DLW said...

We'll see if Dan deems you worthy of a linkage at OU...


DLW said...

I stole this from IIU at OU...

SBU states it has proof that one of the CC judges has become richer to the tune of $12 MILLION DOLLARS! Poor little old lady mother has hit the jackpot.


DLW said...

And you don't really wish you were in Russia right now, do you?


Anonymous said...

Well, now we know what stay-at-home mom (as refered to by the "other Taras") has been up to besides meetings --- she has been active at the keyboard.

Ah, just what Ukraine's crisis needs --- more fuel to the fire.

I look into the future and I see - snap - higher gas prices for Ukraine!

Let's make the multi-billion dollar debt higher with Gazprom until they are 'unwillingly forced' to take control of the pipelines in Ukraine. And all repairs on them with the add. of new ones manufactured (Turkey singing the song of Nabucco!) entirely under the control of TMK (who engulfs Interpipe).

Ay gevalt!

(Hush - this is just bet. you and me, mind you!)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful extended post by Levko...


Anonymous said...

More guarded and carefully defended optimism from Taras Kuzio

He points out how Yanuk is an idiot for not pressing for too much power... Yusch is distrusted by the West. And how no matter whatever the new gov't the election
results in, it will be better than the present one...


Taras said...

Statement of correction. The cargo cult article was initially published in Hazeta po-Ukrainsky, not Hazeta po-Kyivsky as previously mentioned.

If Dan doesn’t return the courtesy, I’ll see him in the Constitutional Court:)

Justice Stanik, do you hear me? There’s a lawsuit waiting to arrive on your docket. I know it hurts. I know they’ve been badmouthing you all the time. But just in case they got it right, I should state from the very beginning that I don’t have that much real estate to offer.

On a day like that, one should be proud to be Ukrainian. Compared to Russia, Ukraine is a fountain of freedom. And to those of you who still consider Ukraine and Russia to be conjoined twins, I suggest that you seek a second opinion:)

The closer we move toward world prices, the less gloomy our dealings with Russia. In Ukraine, we need ‘moms’ and ‘pops’ who are part of the solution, not part of the problem. We can’t afford to quit cold turkey style, nor can we afford to be at the mercy of a Russia geared for Cold War 2.

My comment at LEvko’s blog:

"As a hedge against the commodity curse, our oligarchs should beef up their IPOs by having key Ukrainian courts listed on the NYSE."

As for Kuzio’s article, the other Taras nods in agreement:) Keeping this government in business would be a crime.

Anonymous said...

Constitutional Court - don't make me laugh. First they will not come to a decision and you don't have the perks to get the privileges.


Taras said...

How about setting up a cash fund that would pay the market rate? Shouldn’t we make our constitutional rights competitive?:)