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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ukrainophobe Gets Cow Tongue and Change

The charming young man who received a carton of kefir to his chest for arguing that Ukraine should speak with one tongue — Russian — got another rough ride in Kyiv.

This time, it was Bratstvo badasses who did the job. In full view of the cameras, they donated a cow’s tongue and a pile of coins to Mykola Levchenko, Secretary of the Donetsk City Council.

Bratstvo activists: Here’s the money, here’s the tongue, and, finally, learn Russ…Ukrainian because Russian is a Turkish dialect of the language that our ancestors spoke. Learn Ukrainian!
Mykola Levchenko: I’m very pleased you did it. Thanks! Come on, come on! Empty your pockets. Come on, come on!

Bratstvo activists: Don’t push people toe-to-toe just because of the language.
Mykola Levchenko: We really need this money.

Narrator: All in all, they tossed about 25 hryvnias on Levchenko’s table and lap, all of it in 10-kopiyka coins. The official made towers out of them, but didn’t take them with him. The whereabouts of the tongue remain unknown.

Russian as a Turkish dialect of Old Ukrainian vs. Ukrainian as a Polish dialect of Old Russian represent the two opposite poles in the oft-unprofessional debate among ultra-nationalists.

Bratstvo adheres to — or, rather, experiments with — an eclectic ideology that mixes Ukrainian nationalism, Marxism, Christianity and anti-Orangism. Dmytro Korchynsky recently launched a talk show on the Chernovetsky-controlled TRK Kyiv.

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