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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All Is Fair In Love, War, and Kremlin Propaganda

Remember the “Hitler Doll” tale? Here’s another one, dedicated to the bicephalic Generalissimo Putin-Medvedev and his Georgian incursion.

Narrator: Another friend of Saakashvili’s is Ukrainian President Yushchenko, a big fan of Ukrainian Nazis, Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, a supporter of recognition of Ukrainian SS troops.

President Saakashvili, a Kyiv Institute of International Relations alum, reciting Taras Shevchenko’s “Testament” in Ukrainian:

Як помру, то поховайте
Мене на могилі,
Серед степу широкого,
На Вкраїні милій,
Щоб лани широкополі,
І Дніпро, і кручі,
Було видно, було чути,
Як реве ревучий.
Як понесе з України
У синєє море
Кров ворожу...отойді я
І лани, и гори-
Все покину і полину
До самого бога
Молитися... а до того
Я не знаю бога.
Поховайте та вставайте
Кайдани порвіте
І ворожою злою кров’ю
Волю окропіте.

Saakashvili and Yushchenko have a lot in common both in terms of habits and value systems. By the way, following Yushchenko, Saakashvili called Georgian soldiers of the Wehrmacht and SS ‘fighters for the freedom of Georgia.’ In summary, Saskashvili has a hiding place. [an obvious reference to Holland, the home country of First Lady Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs, Saakashvili’s wife]

One can hurl apt epithets at Yushchenko and Saakashvili, but 'Nazi' can never be one of them unless you sing from the Kremlin’s twisted hymn sheet.

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Marta Salazar said...

I am glad you're back!

I understood well?

this is a spot for Russian television?

which states that Yuschenko friend-of-Saakaschvili is a national socialist?

Taras said...

You’re absolutely right, Marta!

It states just that and comes from Vesti, a propaganda arm of the Kremlin.

Pawlina said...

Ah yes, good old Godwin's Law.

Yet another version of that tacky tactic favoured by the Kremlin thugs.

The sad thing is that it is still effective.

Taras said...

That’s exactly the point, Pawlina!

Thanks for reminding me of the term! I’ve already heard of it but haven’t yet adopted it.