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Monday, August 04, 2008

Tymoshenko, Yushchenko on Reconstruction in Flood-Hit Areas

Here they are, sounding as optimistic and can-do as the upcoming presidential race behooves them.

PM Tymoshenko: People have water, bread, food, and prices are not being ramped up by profiteers as is the case in other disaster areas. Flood water is being pumped out; almost all residential areas, except for one, have electricity. Besides, as for gas supplies, there’s only one problem town.

President Yushchenko: Funding has been allocated, an emergency meeting of parliament has been held. We have everything. Now, slowly but surely, with consensus in the community, we will proceed with reconstruction, starting with roads, electricity, communications, gas, homes. We’ll do everything.

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Anonymous said...

Has there been any finger-pointing or self-criticism? What about the press/experts' reaction to the way this emergency was handled? Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

It really sounds overly upbeat.

Taras said...

Naturally, the disaster has provided a window of opportunity for spin doctoral behavior.

That includes Baloha hurling his thunderbolt at Tymoshenko for underfunding flood prevention programs. While I certainly agree with that line of responsibility, I also believe that Baloha and his former associates from the once-almighty SDPU(o), too, owe the public an explanation.

What did Mr. Baloha, as Zakarpattya governor, do to rectify the SDPU(o)’s stewardship of the oblast, namely the damage done by the barbaric logging industry?

Some scientists predict a major flood on the Dnipro River sometime in the future.

If so, it will hit the elite riverfront community of Koncha Zaspa populated by government officials who make $40K officially and live in $5M villas . Maybe then the truth will hit home.