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Friday, August 29, 2008

More Humor From Tymoshenko

To dispel the treason allegations leveled at her by the Presidential Secretariat, Tymoshenko has resorted to humor.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: I think in addition to that we're absolutely, positively guilty of Hurricane Katrin [sic], we’re guilty of all the tsunamis that swept the globe, and that’s why I think that this person is not being original. The only thing he does is pass the buck to everyone around him.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: I did actually undergo eye treatment. I have some problems. Now I’m doing a casting call: I’m looking for a dog guide. [giggles] I’ll be looking at the people decisions in the Secretariat. Perhaps they’ll find something for me, Okay? [giggles] As for the second question, an accusation of national treason (right?), they charged me with seven counts, such as love for Ukrainian salo, you know, love for Ukrainian borscht. What other exotic stuff do we have here? But let me tell you that all this is nonsense. Honestly, I don’t want to comment on this. How are we on time?
Response: 25 minutes.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: Well, in five minutes I’ll be leaving for the shooting range to train myself to do some shooting, you know. Right now, my sight is not really well, but I think that my health will improve and then everything will be fine, Okay? The optical weapons are already in place, waiting for me at the range. [giggles] Oh, dear friends, you know, politicians can make mistakes, but what politicians can’t do is they can’t afford to look funny because it completely ruins the image of a politician. Therefore, I would advise all the politicians of Ukraine not to look funny in their public relations events.

If that was a stroke of self-deprecating humor, it certainly helped her image. Unlike Yushchenko, who totally lacks it, Tymoshenko does have a sense of humor, but often uses it to duck questions.

This evasive technique may not sit well with critically-minded voters. Nor does it sit will with people, young and old, whom she promised to abolish the draft and return their Soviet-era savings.

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Brave Cat said...

Totally beside the point, but just can't help wondering - what does the BACK of her head look like?



Taras said...

Come back to us and find out:)!

Here’s a video of how she tripped over before mounting the stage in Luhansk, where she participated in Coal Miner’s Day celebrations. A trouper that she is, she quickly recovered and made a joke of it.