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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kosmos Shares His Dry Dream About Tymoshenko, Sniffs Out Glue Sniffers

While presenting his luxury tax legislation in the Kyiv City Council, Mayor Chernovetsky said the following: "She [Tymoshenko] came to me in a nice dream yesterday…not in an erotic dream. Nothing happened, because I love my wife, and she [Tymoshenko] doesn’t love me sometimes."

Comparing his initiative with Tymoshenko’s philosophy, Chernovetsky added: "We think alike with her, and what’s more, at night, in my dream, I received full confirmation of that."

Ain’t that some food for thought for sexologists, ufologists and toxicologists?

So how about Tymoshenko starts paying him $100,000 for appearing in his dry dreams?

Speaking of toxicologists...

Chernovetsky: I can tell by your eyes you don’t sniff glue, right?
Homeless kids: No.

Chernovetsky: Why?
Homeless kids: Why should we?

Chernovetsky: Is it fun?
Homeless kids: No.

Chernovetsky: Do you use drugs? At what age did you start smoking?
Homeless kid: Me? Well, I’ve been smoking for three months already.

Chernovetsky: You quit? That’s a good boy!

That’s a good listener!

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elmer said...

Has ANYONE explained yet why the hot water got turned off in Kyiv?

Or is Chernovetsky too busy ignoring what kids really say?

Gabriela said...

My question may sound silly but... what?
May you and your readers have a wonderful 2009.

Taras said...

Elmer, I think we need some help from Mulder and Scully to answer that question.

They specialize in this kind of unexplained phenomena:)

Gabriela, what was the question?

¡Feliz Año Nuevo to you and to everybody who reads Seis de enero:)!

Gabriela said...

My question was just that: what?
This mayor asking the boys if sniffing glue is fun... and when they say they don't, he insists in asking them why (they don't sniff glue).
Maybe I'm missing some political or local subtleties.
Anf thanks for the song you left me and my readers. All the best too!

Taras said...

I think I got your point, Gabriela!

Indeed, there’s a comic edge to it. He almost sounded like a glue-sniffing guru who told the kids they missed all the fun.

Besides, for some reason, he didn’t quite catch what one of them said in response to his question.

Saludos desde Kyiv!

Gabriela said...

It seems that the mayor has a lot to learn from those boys.

Taras said...

Tienes razón! It's also important that they don't learn anything from him!