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Friday, February 13, 2009

Ukrainian Air Forces Lack Fuel

It’s hard to be a top gun when you’re grounded.

Lack of funding makes the Ukrainian air forces practice what looks like “handjobs,” that is, handmade combat simulations.

On average, pilots get 9 flying hours per year, compared to NATO’s standard of 180-200.

No wonder the Obama administration appears to be backtracking from Obama’s October assessment of Ukraine as being ready for a Membership Action Plan.

Are we witnessing the rebirth of a Russia-first foreign policy, as articulated by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)?

As a person who grew up in a country that traded the world’s third-largest nuclear arsenal for chicken feed — and for a Chicken Kiev foreign policy — I guess I’m now behind the Ironic Curtain.

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Anonymous said...

Taras, I really respect your blog.

But this time, you are way off base, my friend.

If you watch the video, you see 2 Ukrainian pilots practising with 2 "jets on a stick" in the classroom.

They do various jet fight maneuvers, standing next to each other.

This is actually the infamous "Ukrainian third way" - a plan for world peace.

You see, if you have fighter pilots from different opposing forces stand in a room and fight each other with "jets on a stick," noone gets blown up, noone dies - and it's far more economical.

The Israelis could fight the Iranians and Palestinians. The rooshans could fight the Georgians. NATO could fight Serbia. And so forth.

All with "jets on a stick."

So I think this is a brilliant "Ukrainian third way" Plan for Peace.

Who'd a thought? Whoever thought up this brilliant plan deserves a medal!

Taras said...

Elmer, I agree with you.

As long as we train “jetstick pilots” while living next door to Putin's missile hardon, we deserve the Lifelong Nobel Peace Prize.

The only thing that can prevent us from getting one is Chernobyl cracking itself open, sending its funk all the way up to Stockholm:)