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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kosmos Sings Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (Updated)

Not only does he compare himself to Midas, but he also appears to be moonstruck.

Ladies and gentlemen, babushkas and dedushkas, welcome the incredible Mayor of Kyiv, Leonid "Kosmos" Chernovetsky!

This is a cover version of a song by Mikhail Shufutinsky. One of its soul-searching verses rang a bell in my head. I took the liberty of translating it:

О чем-то дальнем, неземном (0:50, 1:04)
О чем-то близком, дорогом (0:56, 1:12)
Сгорая, плачут свечи
Сгорая, плачут свечи

Of something distant, not from Earth
Of something dear, very close
The candles here are crying
The candles here are crying

To me, it kind of echoes the refrain from "Pardonne-moi ce caprice d'enfant" ("Forgive Me This Childish Whim") by Mireille Mathieu.

Pardonne-moi ce caprice d'enfant
Pardonne-moi, reviens moi come avant
Je t'aime trop et je ne peux pas vivre sans toi

Forgive me this childish whim
Forgive me, come back to me as before
I love you too much and I can't live without you

Is that rip-off meant to comfort the poor heartbroken babushkas whom he wanted to rip off every time they visited a cemetery or a doctor?

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Never underestimate the power of singing! Following yesterday's collapse of his majority in the City Council, he mobilized a buckwit babushka rally on Friday, where he performed more of his sexy songs.

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Blair Sheridan said...


I'm sure it's just a type and not an intentional double entendre, but "buckwit" - in the Chernovetsky context - is absolutely hilarious.

He IS a buckwit. Even a bucking buckwit.

Taras said...

Good to see you again, Blair!

I've used the term buckwit before, applying it to his voters rather than to the man himself:)

By buckwit I mean a Pavolovian person who gladly accepts his buckwheat handouts and then votes for him.

elmer said...

Seems to me that maybe the Kosmanaut is a member of the original Four Tops:

Baby, I Need Your Lovin'

elmer said...

Here's another version:

Baby, I Need Your Lovin'

elmer said...

Kosmos clearly wants love:


elmer said...

This is a song originally by Hank Williams.

Blue Bayou:

Saving nickles saving dimes
Working til the sun don't shine
Looking forward to happier times

elmer said...

Perhaps Kosmos is asking for

The Look of Love

Diana Krall

Taras said...

Thank you for expanding my musical horizons once again, Elmer:)!

He loves to love Kyivites — down to their last nickels and dimes.

I can’t wait till we love him back — back into outer space.