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Friday, February 20, 2009

More Polit Funnies and keep them coming!

Acting on Tymoshenko's glowing economic reports, Western ambassadors have applied for Ukrainian citizenship.

"Yushchenko, don't blabber!"
A parody on the Soviet WWII poster "Ne boltai!" ("Don't blabber!")
U.S. equivalent: "Loose lips might sink ships."

BYuT lovestruck with the Party of Regions

Different wavelengths

The Pied Piper of Hamelin 2009

A hundred-hryvnia thank-you-for-a-job-well-done bill

"All she needs is a little credit."
A funny take on Confessions of a Shopaholic

Dear countrymen, I've issued a decree:
White shall be black Bitter shall be sweet Hogwash shall be wisdom

Lyovochkin & Boiko, the RosUkrEnergo lobby in the Party of Regions, get the finger from Firtash

Le ProFFessionnel

Making fun of Inna Bohoslovska

Chernovetsky escorted by babushkas and dedushkas
"You don't have a chance!

His new album

Lord of the Land The Return of the King
Pictured (clockwise): Chernovetsky, Yushchenko, Dovhy, Chernovetsky's son Stepan, Kilchytska, Baloha A spoof dedicated to Chernovetsky's reelection in May 2008

A spoof based on Chernovetky's ice-swimming and the 1980 Moscow Olympics closing ceremony

The Holy Trinity: Adelaja, Chernovetsky, Fletcher

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Dovhy as Chernovetsky's successor

The Kosmosmobile

The bucks-for-ballots babushka monetizer machine

The new album: "You're Still Alive My Granny..."

A Hr. 1.70 bill
A pointed jab at the metro rate rollback, from Hr. 2 to Hr. 1.70 (after a fourfold rate hike from Hr. 0.50 to Hr. 2)

"Granny, surrender your apartment and go for the caviar!"

Taxing newborns

A buckwheat-giving Serduchka-looking marijuanized mayor



Anonymous said...

"When Yushchenko talks to Yulia on TV, she's listening to the radio"

That's a good one.

Taras said...

She's probably listening to the Voice of Russia:)

Anonymous said...

OK, Taras, so the cartoons are good.

Very good. And on point.

Very much on point.

Now what?

Taras said...

Cartoons today, harpoons tomorrow!:)