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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shuster to Tymoshenko: ‘One Should Have You From Morning Till Night’

Enjoy a memorable moment from Tymoshenko’s political talk show-shopping last Friday night.

Savik Shuster, host: I, together with my colleagues, friends, decided, in July, that I no longer wanted any owners. And…do you like this studio?
PM Yulia Tymoshenko: You did it, but you…

Shuster: I did it all! Now, let me tell you…
Tymoshenko: We don’t have a lot of Saviks.

Shuster: No, no, no, no, no! Yulia Vladimirovna,* we took out loans in August…well, at the end of July, we took out loans, we invited the French — using Ukrainian know-how, French know-how — we built it, we did it, at the shortest time possible, we took pride it, and then…it crashed. We now have all our salaries slashed by 50 percent. We’re not firing anyone because we…then we’d have to turn off the lighting, turn off the cameras. You know we can’t do this, right? Nobody’s willing to lend, that’s it, right? And if they are willing, they charge such interest rates that, I don’t know, one should have you from morning till night — all the time, you understand, all the time — to have a high rating.

Tymoshenko [turns the linguistic lapse into laughter]: Who should do what? Hahaha!
Shuster [senses his faux pas]: Yes, that’s what I’m saying. What should we do?

Tymoshenko: Hahaha! What should you do, Savik?
Shuster: Yes.

Tymoshenko: You should make honest “Svoboda Slova” broadcasts, even for free, if that’s what the country needs.

*Patronymic transliterated from Russian

By the way, she took her shoes off during one of the commercial breaks.

She makes me wanna play these songs:

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