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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dugintalk: ‘Tanks on Kyiv!’ or the ‘Dismantlement of One Ukraine’

Watch a heart-to-heart discussion of Ukraine by a troika of Russian psychopundits, featuring Aleskandr Dugin.

The leader of the Eurasia Party, Dugin, shouts from the rooftops what Putin whispers between the sheets. He indulges in peripheral thinking, mangles sentence structure, and revels in imperial eschatology.

I translated the bloodiest portions of their lovely conversation on “Dva protiv odnogo” (“Two Against One”), a talk show hosted by Denis Litov.

Aleksandr Dugin, guest: After our success in Georgia, they [pro-Russian Ukrainians] will ever more consistently, with ever mor…more hope, choose our side. That’s why the battle of Ukraine — it’s certainly a completely different one from the battle of Georgia, but…uh…there’s something down there that we don’t have [in Georgia’s case]. Half the population of this country supports us. Those are our people. First of all, they are the same ethnically as the people living in Rostov oblast, in Stavropol or in Krasnodar. It is the New-Russ...New...New-Russian ethnicity...subethnicity of the Russian people which consists of Cossacks, a very complex formation, one with a complex historical destiny. They’re all Orthodox people, definitely, having certain features that distinguish them both from western Ukrainians — mighty big ones — and from the Russians living in Orel oblast, for instance, up there in the North, especially up there in Yaroslavl oblast. That is, it’s a distinct pro...Eastern-Russian Orthodox people — those New Russians — and our Kubanians, what else, Rostovians and residents of Donetsk oblast or Dnepropetrovsk oblast or of the land of Kharkiv. Those are R-U-S-S-I-A-N-S. And this Russian half, the Russian half of Ukraine’s population — Russians in a broad sense, anti-NATO — this is the base for a categorical rejection of this ultra-Western sort of Saakashvilian-Yushchennnn-kite sss…scenario. this regard, I think, well, Crimea is simply an’s a fuse, right? It’s a powder keg.

Denis Litov, host: As I was saying, it’s via Crimea that somehow we can pull it off, methinks.

Dugin: Via Crimea! Well, it’s just that things are getting hotter and rougher in Crimea, but, in fact, by raising this issue of Ukraine, we get a colossal tool for influencing the entire political system. Under a peaceful agenda, we couldn’t use it — via the Party of Regions, via Yanukovych — peacefully, electorally, what else, by way of bribery, parliamentary intrigues, government appointments, what else. This situation we d…haven’t been ab…haven’t finished for various reasons. It didn’t work. What’s left is the radical scenario. Now I think Ukraine will have four poles of power — we can already witness their formation. Four poles of force — force, not power yet, let’s put it that way. They are the “ultra-Americans,” who gather around NUNS and Yushchenko — it’s a kind of a Saakashvili scenario — and they will take this same path and will definitely sta...stage, in the near term, genocide of the Russian population, ethnic cleansing. They’ve come real close to it. They’ve formed Ukrainian Nazi groups such as the Patriot Ukrayiny movement. They’re providing them with special funding and are planting them into Crimea, for a purpose we all understand. That is, we’ll have to deal with this. [Video time: 4:02-6:22]

He then describes Yulia “Soft” Tymoshenko as the second pole. Moving on, he assigns Viktor “Neither Fish Nor Fowl” Yanukovych to the third pole. Finally, he hails the pro-Russian elements within the Party of Regions plus Vitrenko’s PSPU plus the Crimean Russian Bloc as the fourth pole.

Q: So Yushchenko will attack Crimea and follow Saakashvili into the political hell of having one’s country dismembered by Russia? Does that make any sense? Yushchenko is plotting genocide and ethnic cleansing in Crimea? How? What for?

Dugin: And here I think Russia will have to pass a real test — because the Americans, under the excuse of the capers we’re cutting in Georgia, at a time when our troops have yet to move in Ukraine, that’s where the speedy question of Kyiv’s speedy accession into MAP may arise. And should we fail to seize the moment to initiate, in effect, the DISMANTLING of one Ukraine — politically one — that is, unless we get to it right now — get to it WITHOUT DELAY — we may lose the time and considerably…and it may so happen that we...that they had sacrificed Georgia for us in order to get Ukraine. And Ukraine is a matter of principle. It’s more important than Georgia, much more important. Brzezinski wrote about this: that Ukraine is an opportunity for Russia to become a world empire again. If the Russians somehow make it in Ukraine, then we’ll actually… [incoherent]

Litov: What happens if we decide to move in with tanks there right now...
Dugin: Touché!
Litov: ...on their territory, as it was in Czechoslovakia…
Dugin: That’s right! Tanks on Kyiv!
Litov: ...and unabashedly tanks will go in…
Dugin: Yes.
Litov: ...tanks will simply roll by...
Dugin: Yes.
Litov: ...nobody will fight them...
Dugin: Nobody will.
Litov: So what? Russian tanks?
Dugin: With flowers.
Litov: With stars, with flowers they will greet us real nice.
Dugin: Yes.
Litov: Of course, some liberal journalists...
Dugin: ...will be a little stifled. [будут немножко удавлены?]
Litov: ...will, like, take pictures of some tearful granny who will be yelling in this Ukrainian language...
Dugin: I think SHE’S ALREADY...
Litov: “Okupinty!” [faux Ukrainian; the correct Ukrainian for occupiers is окупанти (okupanty)]
Dugin: SHE’S ALREADY BEEN PHOTOGRAPHED, this granny, in Hollywood!
Litov: Yes! “Okupinty!” You’re absolutely right!
Dugin: She’s probably already...they’re already showing her without us knowing about it.
Litov: That’s right! That’s right!
Dugin: ...because Western propaganda, it’s... [Video time: 8:45-10:00]

Dugin then launches into a diatribe against Western coverage of the Russian-Georgian war, a proxy war between Ukraine and Russia, he believes. Another guy weighs in. He suggests that the Pskov Airborne Division be dropped west of Kyiv, to cut the capital off from western Ukraine, the root of all evil in the USSR.

Hey guys, why don't you test the waters yourselves? You can bring your own flowers.

Well, most eastern Ukrainians indeed speak Russian or surzhyk and vote pro-Russian, having experienced the melting pot of Russification for generations. However, Russians remain a minority in all of Ukraine’s oblasts, except the Crimean Autonomous Republic.

In Ukraine, people who speak Russian do not always support Russian foreign policy. Suffice it to say that Kyiv, still largely a Russian-speaking city, voted overwhelmingly against Yanukovych, the pro-Russian candidate, in 2004.

I digress. So when do you guys start dismantling Ukraine? When should we expect your tanks? After Tymoshenko or Yanukovych gets elected?

At the end of the show, Dugin jokingly recollects walking in Moscow and bumping into a guy who asked him about the U.S. Embassy’s location. Dugin: “Do you want to blow it up?” Guy: “Yes! How did you know?”

P.S. As Obama and Medvedev meet for their first time Wednesday, it’s important that they don’t push any buttons before the U.S. Department of State learns Russian.

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elmer said...

1) I couldn't quite hear it that accurately, but the intro music seems to be from "The Planets" - by an English composer. Ironic.

2) Dugin has a screen typeover which shows him as a "politechnologue" (political expert) and "philosopher."

He looks like a crazy, drugged out bum.

He looks like he needs a haircut, a shave, and a shower. He looks unwashed and dirty.

Why would anyone want to welcome this guy anywhere, whether he's on a tank or not, and throw flowers at him?

3) Funny - all of a sudden, he refers to a great mass of people as "orthodox" - meaning that the "orthodox" will welcome tanks from Roosha.

This is very, very strange. Apparently, all of that sovok union stuff was just one big masquerade for "orthodoxy."

Now, some idiot makes a big show of crossing himself on TV, for the cameras, in a big "orthodox" way - never mind all of that sovok stuff, so sorry, never meant it.

Why are "orthodox" people talking about crushing other people with tanks?

I thought that "orthodoxy" was about Christianity - apparently, it's the "new orthodoxy" - forget about being Christian, just roll the tanks.

4) Someone must have watched the movie "Wag the Dog," where Dustin Hoffman plays a producer who produces an entire war in a TV studio, at the behest of an operative from the CIA, played by Robert DeNiro.

Apparently, they think that Ukrainians have nothing better to do than to film anti-Russian tank pictures and movies in Hollywood in anticipation of Dugin riding in on an "orthodox" tank.

You are right, Taras - these people are psycho.

Taras said...

Dugin’s hysterical Wag the Dog analogy made me laugh:)

Still, when people like Dugin wag their tongues, thinking that, from Kharkiv to Kyiv, Ukrainians would greet Russian tanks with open arms, it worries me. What if the Kremlin decides to give it a try?

What kind of bloodbath are these Orthodox brothers up to?