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Monday, December 06, 2010

Protesters Out, Yolka In (Yanukovych Speaketh)

Perimeter secured!

Ever wonder who stole that tent city? And why?

Because the rule of the laws of Ukraine is compulsory for all. Kyiv, they’re already setting up, on the very spot where the protesters’ tents stood, they’re already setting up the New Year...[struggles with Ukrainian, settles for Russian]...YOLKA [tree], and very-very soon people will start celebrating the New Year.

In other words, “Sapogi dorogu znayut. The boots know the road.”

So does the yolka, the New Year tree. It makes people happy and protesters scarce.

Happy New Year, Mr. YanukovGrinch!



Lingüista said...

Well, nobody can say Yanukovych isn't behaving as expected. As he himself said he would behave.

What will Ukrainians think, eventually? There wasn't much democracy, and whatever there was co-existed with a terrible economic crisis.

Maybe they'll just shrug their shoulders.

Taras said...

Ukrainians seem to be hibernating. By and large, we’re a hyber-nation that sees Yanukovych as some sort of Santa Claus.

Coming through the chimney in FY 2011: Another 50% utility hike + $11B in debt repayment.

Maybe that will count toward a rude awakening.