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Monday, December 13, 2010

Yanukovych (FY 2011: $42.9M) v. Bush (FY 2007: $12.4M)

He talks small government.

And then he outspends the White House 3.45 to 1.

Yanukovych: These people that will be dismissed, they will receib...receive corr...corresponding severance packages upon dismissal, in accordance with the law. [...] The benefits...from the reduction of government officials’ headcount will not transpire until 2012. From then on, every year, undoubtedly, we’ll have quite substantial savings.

You mean, having 16 ministers instead of 24 will save us a fortune? Awesome! But wait... Is that the whole story?

It’s not. I mean look at the State Directorate for Affairs. This funny-name agency acts as the nanny state to Ukraine’s mammoth central government bureaucracy.

In FY 2011, its budget will balloon 27%, or by Hr. 292,856,700 ($36,822,962), to Hr. 1,343,862,300 ($168,973,394).

Now what about the Administration of the President? Wanna see the color of his money?

FY 2011: Hr. 204,743,300 ($25,743,835)

FY 2010: Hr. 131,968,700 ($16,593,366)

That’s just one ambiguous presidential line item. The other two items, maintenance and foreign travel:

FY 2011: Hr. 107,396,200 ($13,503,690)

FY 2010: Hr. 131,968,700 ($16,593,366)

FY 2011: Hr. 29,151,500 ($3,665,426)

FY 2010: Hr. 26,526,300 ($3,335,340)

So whatta we got?

$42.9M for Yanukovych (FY 2011) v. $12.4M for Bush (FY 2007).

You’d think Ukraine’s GDP per capita beats that of the U.S. by a factor of 3.45.

Oh no...

Nominal GDP per capita: Ukraine ($2,600) v. U.S. ($46,400)

Special thanks to the IMF for your continued support!

Your last standby program caught us in Nov. 2008, when we had a population of 46,200,000. As of Sept. 1, 2010, we still had
45,831,400 left.

Can we downsize it to, say, 25 million over the next two decades?



Anonymous said...

Almost half million people in 3 years. It is quite shocking.

Anonymous said...

Well, this issue is a quite vital issue in Hungary as well. However in Hungary the new Parliament halved the number of MPs and local government members. I also have to mention that they increased the payment of politicians. It sounds outraging for the first glance but it is so rare to see when all the political parties are agreeing. :)

Taras said...

Shocking indeed. There’s a death race going on in Ukraine, sponsored by politicians’ corruption and people’s indifference.

Pay should be matched to performance. No taxation without representation. The more we pay, the more we get.

In Ukraine, it’s the inverse that holds true, driving the cost of government way out of proportion with its quality.

The more we pay, the less we get.