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Friday, December 03, 2010

Police Trash Anti-Tax Code Protesters' Camp

After concessions, a crackdown!

Democracy, Yanukovych-style.

Police state Україна (Ukraine)

Happy New Year, Mr. President!

Police arrested up to 10 protesters (1 ended up in the hospital).

Visit Mustafa Nayem's blog for more crackdown pics.

And yes, Yanukovych called the crackdown democratic.

He knows what he's talking about.

I've been dreaming of this for six years.

Democracy was dismantled here.

Pics from Olena Bilozerska's post-crackdown report.



Anonymous said...

In Hungary we had some severe police interventions on demonstrations as well, especially in 2006 when a tape was published in which a former PM admitted in a not very sophisticated way that he had been constantly lieing.

John Kalitka said...

A "democratic crackdown" must be something like demanding payment of "voluntary taxes."

Dylan said...

Taras, could you please translate (or summarize) the fourth video in this post, the one with the very eloquent babushka? My Russian isn't quite up to snuff yet :)

Taras said...


Protests tend to be more regular and violent on your side of the Schengen Curtain. On our side, we play by a different set of rules: Peaceful protests can be banned by courts and/or violently dispersed by the police.

Btw, your country scored big points in my book by ditching the IMF.


You know what they called police clubs back in the days of perestroika's anti-Communist rallies?

Демократизаторы, or demokratizatory (democratizers:)


Long story short:

All the women were asleep when the riot police kicked us out, before we could even pick up our belongings. Here we are standing by the metro, without a clue what to do.