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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yanukovych Sells Out Ukraine’s Weapons-Grade Uranium

Ukraine (the world’s #1 pisseful nation) made headlines at the Nuclear Servility Summit.

After nuking Ukraine’s Constitution, President Yanukovych swapped a few bombs’ worth of enriched uranium for a sniff of support from Washington, plus change.

Who says free trade doesn’t work?

Some Ukrainian Americans (who obviously identify with Ukrainian culture but American interests) gave Yanukovych a warm welcome.

I don't blame you for praising the man's “чудові ідеї” (great ideas). After all, it’s a zero-sum game: You keep your nukes, we give up ours. You support our government, we suffer from it. You win, we lose.

That’s the way U.S.-Ukrainian relations work.

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John Kalitka said...

How about that? I didn't even know the guy was here in my hometown. Dupont Circle area, to be precise. Right in front of the Shevchenko Memorial. Honestly, though, I wouldn't have crossed the street for this visit.

For the record, it looks to be a tiny crowd compared to the euphoria surrounding the Yushchenko and Klitschko visit in the spring of 2005.

Taras said...

You did good by not showing up, John!

President Yanukovych needed a crowd of as many Ukrainian Americans as possible, with as few questions as possible. He came to be legitimized, not traumatized, in what looked like a well-choreographed cameo appearance.

It’s a shame Yushchenko had depleted most of his 2005 goodwill, both in Ukraine and America.

I look forward to the day when Ukrainian presidents will be at home with Ukraine's interests and will visit Washington with respect and responsibility.