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Monday, April 12, 2010

Yushchenko's Wife Misillustrated as Kaczynski's Wife on

Talk about human error.


The video soon disappeared from the Channel 1 website, but no apologies have been made.

I’m not a big fan of Kateryna Yushchenko or Viktor Yushchenko.

Do the math: The president of Poland used a medium-range Soviet Tu-154 made in 1990.
By contrast, Yushchenko had inherited a fleet of six jets: from aging Soviet Tu’s and Il’s to a Ukrainian Аn-74TK-300VIP made in 2003.

In 2007, Yushchenko purchased a long-range Airbus A319 — complete with bars, bedrooms and showers — at an estimated taxpayer cost of $40-$60M. Meanwhile, Libya and the UAE ordered two medium-range An-74’s from Ukraine at a cost of $12M apiece.

(Nominal GDP per capita: Poland, $13K; Libya, $10K; UAE, $47K; Ukraine, $3K.)

That said, I wonder what kind of coverage Channel 1 would come out with if one of our channels erred like this.

(By the way, it’s not the first time this happens to public figures from Ukraine.)

The tragedy at Smolensk has provoked a lively discussion online.

As civil-minded people express condolences and ask questions, the-not-so-civil trash Poland, Russia and, naturally, Ukraine.

Monday will be a day of mourning in Ukraine.

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Ropi said...

It is a quite inconvenient mistake.

Anonymous said...

In 2007, Yushchenko purchased a long-range Airbus A319 — complete with bars, bedrooms and showers — at an estimated taxpayer cost of $40-$60M.

I think tt was afterwards written that this plance wasn't for the President but made for another customer and it was some anti-Yush coverage in the press that assigned it to him.

Anonymous said...

The paper running the story was a staunchly pro-Tymoshenko at the time. They could get no confirmation at the time so either it was a big secret or it wasn't true. They also quote a communist in support of them - someone who isn't exactly in favour of Yushchenko! Did any other newspaper run this story apart from those that used this one as a source?

Taras said...


It’s becoming a common mistake.


According to recent reports, the $60M Airbus suffered two breakdowns (in 2008 and 2009) and is now being repaired abroad.

Meanwhile, Yanukovych is dying to refresh his fleet of jets.

Anonymous said...

It links to another report which says that the idea is to buy five airbuses to replace the old fleet which don't always conform to noise standards in Europe for all the top brass. Yush's guy denies any frills. "Only with the most necessary for the flight". 85 million dollars in total for five planes. ok of course he might be lying and even if he's not it might be excessive for Ukraine but it's a very different report from the Obkom. If the Obkom report was true 60 million just for Yush's plane - a few more people would have got onto it.