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Friday, April 09, 2010

Court Greenlights Unconstitutional Coalition

Reform #2: The Constitution of Ukraine shall be a concubine of President Yanukovych.

When the Macho in Chief tells you he’ll accept any ruling, you don’t want to upset him.

If you're the Prosti...uh, sorry, Constitutional Court, you can’t resist the temptation to reverse your previous “final” rulings (in case they might upset him). You listen to your inner voice, the voice of the boldest profession.

So from now on, rules of order shall be the supreme Law of the Land, subject to arbitrary amendment by President Yanukovych.

Congratulations, Mr. President! Your prayers have been answered! Long live the Coalition of Carcasses!

Odna palka, dva struna,

Ya khozyain vsya strana!

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elmer said...

Did I hear Yanuconvict correctly? I believe he said that he listened to the decision of the конційний (conseeynay) court - which is like saying the consinal court.

Ukraine does not have a constitutional court. It has 18 politically appointed sovok relic parasites, who are politically appointed by quota.

There is no legal integrity, no judicial impartiality, no judicial independence, no legal scholarship, and no legal knowledge.

Only a rubber stamp.

Why the hell did the jerk parasite rubber stamp from the court bother even appearing in public and stumbling and mumbling through the reading of the decision? They should have just nailed their decision to the door - with a big, fat Party of Regions Banditkovych rubber stamp.

After 19 years of Ukrainian independence, it is astoundingly difficult to witness that these sovok relic parasites still exist - and can occupy positions of what ought to be great and serious responsibility.

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine is simply a bazaar and a market (базар і ярмарок).

The only buyer being Yanuconvict and the Parasites of Regions.

Hideously disgusting. Sick.

Taras said...

You heard him right! He was so happy he couldn't spell it. I missed that one:)

Yanukonvict and the Party of Rich Ones/Rogues should include Консійний Суд in their edition of Black’s Law Dictionary.