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Friday, April 02, 2010

Govt OKs Stalin Monument, Flirts With USSR 2

As Washington cautiously OKs our new government, that government OKs things that make some in Washington feel all the more cautious.

In Zaporizhia, local communists plan to erect a monument to Stalin.

That’s the same Stalin who killed millions of Ukrainians (and Russians, for that matter).

Vice PM Volodymyr Semynozhenko doesn’t object.
After all, he supports a union of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

That’s an old idea championed by the Kremlin and shared by millions of elderly and Russified Ukrainians in and outside of our government.

Those who oppose the idea (such as the Belarusian ambassador to Russia, who supports a customs union only) can go where the sun don’t shine. The Kremlin doesn't mince words.

What's in it for Ukraine? No more silly borders issues. No more borders. No more Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Strobe Talbott tells Ukraine that non-alignment (read: alignment with Russia) doesn’t work.
WTF? Has the Russia-first desk run out of vodka? Have you guys been playing a sobering version of the domino theory?

Maybe you could use Obama’s “reset button” and Clinton’s “sweet harvest” to keep the dominoes from falling?

Or maybe Bill Clinton could replace Stephen Byers as Yalta European Strategy chairman of the board?

Viktor Pinchuk and Damien Hirst could turn it into some art form that resembles Ukraine’s rule of law, European integration and prosperity.

And, of course, the Prostitutional Court would then adopt it as a mascot, upon issuing a clean bill of health to the Coalition of Carcasses.

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elmer said...

The stalin monument cannot stand. The fact that there are people who dare to suggest such an idea demonstrates the horrific brainwashing by the sovok union, even of younger people, who have apparently forgotten that even under the sovok union, there was de-stalinization. For example, stalin's monument on the Moscow canal (from the Volga River to Moscow) was -- taken down.

As far as a new "union" - as you say, Taras, WTF?

There was already such a union -- with horrific results.

Again - sovok relics, complete with sovok brainwashing, who have stuck their head up their own ass, and now want to see if they can stick their heads up Putler's ass.

Absolutely awful!!!!

And they think they are doing something good, something to be proud of?


Sovok relic brainwashed idiots and dullards!

No brains, no spines.

Just goddamn sovok brainwashed piles of shit.

Marina Darmaros said...


Taras said...


Stalin is no spiritual stranger to a government that denies the genocide of the Holodomor and pampers the Kremlin.


Once they’re done with Stalin, a monument to Pol Pot and the Killing Fields would make sense.