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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome to Tymoshenko, Akhmetov, Tabachnyk Beaches!

“Do you know where you are? Rich folks live here. So don't sail any closer!”

Can beaches be private property? No, says environmental law. Yes, says the law of the jungle.

That’s the law that trumps the law that guarantees free riverfront passage and bans home construction within 100 meters of any water body.

In a country where government is private property, nothing is impossible!

OK, here we go. Tymoshenko beach (4:17). Feels nice, but nobody’s home.
Oh, she's so busy these days! Not only does she frequently appear in Yanukovych’s court...

...but she also lives next door to Ukraine’s richest man Rinat Akhmetov!

Red: Tymoshenko (former MP/PM/now opposition leader)
White: Akhmetov (oligarch/MP/Yanukovych backer)

Pretty cool, huh? How about an Overboard remake? Best filming location ever!
The final *swim-union* scene (2:04)

Donbas Arena opening ceremony (August 2009)

Anyway, other beaches turned out not so romantic.

Tabachnyk beach guard: “Are you gonna teach law to me? I have my own laws. You understand?”



Anonymous said...

In my opinion, it is hard to get mad at Tymoshenko. Is she living a rather rich lifestyle? Sure. However there are a few key things that make her one of the better politicians in Ukraine:

- Her property is not state owned.
- She is one of the few politicians in Ukraine fighting for democratic and western values.
- She is the most powerful politician trying to bring the country closer to the EU.

One can not become upset with Tymoshenko due to her having an iPad or large house - BYuT is the only political force left with anything for those looking for Europe in Ukraine. Nasha Ukraina is fading fast, Svboda is scary, and the Party of Regions is a non-stater. For Ukraine to become a part of the European Union, it needs a democratic and western government, and Yulia Volodymyrivna is the only politician with that goal that has any power left.

Вона працює, Україна переможе!

Taras said...

It woudn't be hard to get mad at Tymoshenko if only you voted for her:)

And I did vote for her and her party twice: in '07 parliamentary and '08 mayoral elections. I gave her the benefit of the doubt despite all her issues.

But then I became upset with her. What did she do?

*Failed to build a coalition to defeat Kyiv mayor-landgrabber Chernovetsky;
*Catered to her cronies, not her voters;
*Signed a win-lose gas deal with Russia, one that Russia treasures;
*Tried to build a Faustian coalition with Yanukovych against the will of her voters.

Her iPads and mansions mainly highlight the giant gap she put between herself and her voters. She’s been out of touch with her voters. Just like Yushchenko, Yanukovych and everybody else, for that matter.

True, she’s got balls. But she’s no Havel. She’s no Walesa. That’s why she lost the election.

If Western values involve living above the law and breaking promises, then it's the West Tymoshenko should thank for landing her ass in jail.

As of today, EU membership prospects don’t appear realistic and motivating to the general public in Ukraine.

The EU had turned a blind eye to Yanukovych making a love doll of Ukraine’s Constitution months before the Tymoshenko arrest. So what’s the big deal now? What’s so special about her? Securing some of the lowest gas transit rates for Europe and some of the highest gas prices for Ukraine?

That doesn’t make her valuable to Ukrainians. Otherwise, millions of us would be rallying in her support.

Does she stand a chance at a comeback? Yes, she does. If the hryvnia crashes and the economy tanks and Tymoshenko repents and goes to Tibet and wins back her voters, who knows?

But, again, that’s not a realistic scenario when it comes to Tymoshenko’s part:)