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Monday, July 11, 2011

Pro-Yanukovych Lawmakers Play With iPads, iPhones

Jokes, tabloids, cars... Keeping up with the Tymoshenkos can be fun!

Lawmakers in Ukraine make more in a month than the average Ukrainian does in a year: $4K.

Even so, what many of them make officially doesn’t quite add up to their lifestyles.

Video of the day: Luhansk city council member Roman Landik beating up a 20-year-old woman (a softcore model, as it later turned out).

That’s the same guy who poses with Yanukovych, Lytvyn, Tihipko & Co plus other celebs on (classmates).

The crown jewel of his collection: a semi-erased “One
Link law for all” NUNS/Yushchenko ‘07 campaign billboard with “For sale” on it.


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