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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drunk MP Yanukovych Jr. Can't Find Way Home

"I'll make it on my own!"

That's what he told his buddies after hitting a couple of wrong doors.

Trashing wildlife in Western Ukraine can be that stressful for a lawmaker.

Yanukovych: Let me...assure you: I am not ashamed of my kids and my grandkids, and I want your children to be no different...from mine...and I want them to be happy. But when kids get dragged...uh...into this mud that you're trying to drag my kids, my family, into...

Father knows best.



Little Miss Moi said...

Is that on vul Kropivnitskoho? I used to visit a friend there often - always getting run off the sidewalks by pushy people and then getting run off the road by the traffic!

Taras said...

That's right! You have a good memory!

Ever run into drunk people there?:)