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Monday, November 28, 2011

5,000 Fans Rally Outside Lockup as Tymoshenko Turns 51

"Вітю на нари, Юлю на Канари!" (0:32-0:35)

Ukrainians celebrate opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko birthday from alexey solodunov on Vimeo.

"Put Viktor in jail and Yulia in a fairy tale!" (poetic translation:)

As if 2008-2009 wasn’t enough of a fairy tale. The economy drops 15%, the hryvnia loses 60% of its value. People lose their jobs, savings and homes.

And PM/presidential candidate Tymoshenko loses €100K on a Spain getaway?

Not to mention her gas deal that now has Ukraine (Gazprom’s biggest client ‘10) paying well above the EU spot rates: $414 v. $360-$380. We'd be paying $514 had Yanukovych not won that super-magic gas-for-fleet discount.

Not only have we joined the EU, we’ve gone the extra mile.

So where are we, ladies? Jamaica? Haiti?



Anonymous said...

Well I suppose if I have to keep playing the pro-Tymsohenko card, I will.

She has been in jail an awfully long time. She is sick (according to reports). Her fellow party members have abandoned her (those who were elected under the BYuT name). Mass protests have been averted by Viktor Fedorovych through fences, etc.

Yulia Tymoshenko must not be in jail. There is a reason Oleksandr Ponomariov and people like him still sing at Tymoshenko rallies (even outside a prison), and why thousands are taking to the streets.

She is the best choice for Ukrainians, and time is running out.

Do people ever think back to Maidan? There was hope. In Tymoshenko's defence, Yushchenko stabbed her in the back (BIG TIME IN 2005, again in 2010).

It is not Tymoshenko who should be in prison.

Taras said...

To me it's like saying Madoff and Blagojevich are the best choice for Americans. They should be back in business.

If that's too much to ask, try putting Lazarenko and Tymoshenko on the U.S. presidential ticket.

Joking aside, it's not the abundance of fences that has prevented millions of Ukrainians from rallying in Tymoshenko's support. It's the lack of faith in her leadership.

As of now, Tymoshenko appears to have a stronger following in the West than at home.

She may be popular and useful in the West, but she's past her prime at home.

Anonymous said...

There is still time for Tymoshenko. Her approval rating is now above Viktor Fedorovych.

With any luck, a Batkivshchyna/Front of Changes/Punch coalition will mean a new Tymoshenko cabinet.

Taras said...

Good luck with that.

I've had enough of Tymoshenko cabinets.