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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Yanukovych Scared, Tymoshenko Stoic as Protests Continue

Just to be clear: It's anti-Yanukovych protests, not pro-Tymoshenko ones.

Chernobyl vet: Screw them, screw them…they’re sitting up there and torturing these people, these Chernobyl folks. The Chernobyl folks were all there, no...nobody ran away from there, and those bastards up there are hiding their asses. [mumbled fragment] They’ve shipped their kids abroad. How long can they mistreat us like that? Yanukovych, come the fuck out, bitch!

He hears everyone.

Yanukovych: …and I’m being informed by law enforcement that…weapons are being procured inside the country…and an effort is under way to attack authorities. [ …] Already, people have lost everything: both fear and shame. So who’s organizing this? [ …] Not those who are struggling the most. Those who are struggling the most, they remain silent, patient and waiting.

No offense (or should we say no fence?), but do you see anyone waiting here?

Well, there’s one lady who’s waiting.

Tymoshenko: Hold on!

She's not working, but she's definitely Ukraine now.



Anonymous said...

We have protests in Hungary too, but they are milder.

Taras said...

Well, there's always Greece, France and the UK. We're nowhere near them.