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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Blogging Career

Why blog?

2007-2008: 24,797 visits

2008-2009: 38,626 visits

2009-2010: 45,394 visits

2010-2011: 87,487 visits

Incoming links: NYTimes News Blog Guardian News Blog Kyiv Post Global Voices

What else is there? To me, blogging felt like putting Ukraine on the map. In my own way. On my own time.

And what a time it was! Planting all those red dots in places like the

  • White House, State Department, House of Representatives/Senate
  • Parliament of Canada, Privy Council Office of Canada
  • UN
  • European Commission, European Parliament
  • UK Parliament
  • BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, AFP, Fox News, Al Jazeera, RFERL, VOA
  • World Bank, IFC, IMF
  • Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, MIT, Duke, Oxford, Cambridge
  • Cuba
  • North Korea

Not to mention the world’s biggest banks and corporations (another 3K visits).

My YouTube account: 2,522,000 upload views since 2007, of which Gaddafi's 2008 visit to Kyiv has fetched 1,368,000. (I used to upload and translate rafts of news reports back then.)

As you can see, I tweet from time to time, but I don’t blog as much as I used to. Blogging doesn’t pay. Working out does. I lost about 90 pounds last year. Despite all the mess in my country, I feel and look better than ever before.

That’s freedom!


Gabriela said...

Nice review! Good for you.

John Kalitka said...

Nice work, Taras (on the blog and the weight loss). I read every post....

Niels said...


As I said some years earlier, your work is invaluable for people like me, who are interrested by the Ukranian politics but unable to fully understand ukranian or russian.

Keep up the good work!


Ropi said...

Well, that's impressive.

Andrew UkrCdn said...

You're the best - and don't you forget it!

Taras said...

Gracias! Merci! Köszönöm! Thank you so much guys!:)

Come visit Ukraine next June! Hope we get to keep Euro 2012.

We've spent quite a stimulus on it:)